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daredevon 52F
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9/26/2005 10:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Just meandering

The windmill of my mind is turning, not really sure where I 'm going with this tonite. Am in kind of a strange mood. I'm sitting in my new silk pink robe on the edge of my deskchair, finishing a second glass of wine, had a nice shower and just feeling fresh after a shower and kinda frisky. My writer bud is out in Wisconsin and my galpal Linda's gosh knows where this week, and I wish Michael were here. I could use the slow, gentle rub of his fingers on my flesh right now. Uh oh, now I know what's goin' on, I'm horny! Is that it? Well partially so. I haven't been with him in weeks and I need him. I've traded wonderful email with two other guys and never did get around to touching fingers with either of them, and it well could be my loss. It's so hard to meet good friends and this schedule of mine hasn't helped. Thank God for the ones I do have. My mailbox is STILL crammed full of guys with offers, LOL. I need to at least answer them and say thanks for the attention.
Most of my stuff is in Vegas, and I've been helping Kate arrange stuff in my Aurora place the way she wants it since she'll be staying there for awhile.
I've been reading some other women's blogs on here and they all write soooo beautifully. I love their stuff, wish I could think of their names so I could plug em here. Maybe another time. They are such intelligent, sexy ladies and write so well, it's a pleasure to read them. I haven't been writing much lately, what I do write is just touching the surface and nothing profound. And here I am feeling good but with nothing fresh to type.
Got a couple of new photos and posted them,but AdultFriendFinder doesn't always like "artsy" shots so who knows if they'll be approved. They are sooo weird about pics. Odd cock shots OK, crafty, arty womens shots not always so OK. Go figure.
My fingers caress my own flesh, a sign clings to my lips and I wish for someone to spend the night with. Michael - you should be here now, babe! Or my letter pals "amorous" or "tantrik", yes!!! i JUST remembered your names. How nice it would be sitting with you and sharing some wine and talking low about life.
Life is an adventure but sometimes I just want to sit and stare, and smell and look out at the stars.
How lucky for me it is that these blogs aren't graded. Tonite I'd be out of luck!
Luv ya.

rm_amorousex 53M

9/27/2005 12:17 am

Devon....I'm here...as I am most nights completing a web check-in before heading of to bed. It always includes a hopeful anticipation of receiving of some sort of news from you. When I see your "online" light is on it always energizes although I should be winding down. I always hope it might mean that there will be some way to achieve direct connection. Be it an IM or chat. Not that it ever does but I'm always careful to look for the opportunity. When it actually includes a added or removed photo I always wonder what happening in your world created the moment or the reason to revise. Not that I ever really draw any conclusion from any of this....its just that I find you to be so wonderfully mysterious, and will always enjoy a reason to preform a closer review and consideration of that which is you.

Tonight however I'm left with mixed feelings. I love receive a thoughtful mention. However, I hate learning that you're alone during the very moments that I'm hoping to somehow share moments with you. To feel so close to someone, and yet still be so out of touch, causes me to wonder "what more could I do". But, Dear... I know I have to remain patient. We both believe in fate. I'll be close enough when you are ready, and you'll know when the time is right. Someday we'll increase the frequency of our communication. You know more about my world and I'll learn more about what's driving yours. I wish I understood more about the relationships in your life...and how I might someday be included. The beauty in this for me is that I know you understand my full intentions without my needing to detail. The feelings I want to share. The connection I want to create. You have my love. Continue on.

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