found on the side of the road...not dead yet  

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8/19/2006 10:15 pm

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found on the side of the road...not dead yet

rex was a mutt, not the kind you'd get at a pound. Rex was no paper carrying hybrid of a "wild" species and an Alaskan work dog. rex was ugly by most standards when katie found him. He was a maingy little shit, stunck to high heaven like rancid puke. His left hind leg was scabbed up with dry blood and puss. Yet, he was proud in the manner which he carried his impediment. Rex was a very proud dog and was in love with Katie. She was nice to him, she helped him out. Katie would nurse his wounds and play fetch with him. She wold tell him her secrets. Rex loved the attention. Katie loved the way he would listen to her.

mary1025 47F

8/20/2006 9:29 am

red was a scarred pitbull stray
i loved him the second he didnt
finish the job when he lunged at me
he was a thug out of necessity
he initiated me, loved to bump hard
into my legs to say youre alright
he died 3 days before we met
he was deaf, but could hear me
i cried when he became a spirit
i know if he has the choice
he never leaves my side

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