Howlin' At The Moon  

darcon71 45M
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6/21/2006 1:57 am
Howlin' At The Moon

You know your right
not a Cobain quote but what you need to hear
I don't wanna hear it
the fine line of critisism and observation
you know me so well, I let you in
do with me what you will
let it be, love me for me, take a ride
get a thrill in the moment
a break in the life, is it real
do you think about the future?
are you happy when you get a glimpse
or do you rue the past and ruin now
think positive, think with a smile
I aint going anywhere, not for a while.
live baby, love life, love me, love yourself.
Don't hurt no one
Hope for love
It is a simple plan
I am an honerable man
trust me, i tell the truth
I meant it when i said
If she asks me to fuck her
I will tell her to ask you first
Believe, or leave...its a simple plan.

mary1025 47F

7/12/2006 8:28 am

want for a safe place, be a safe place
want for love, health, wealth, happiness
face the facts, make a better tomorrow

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