Are You Real?  

dapuzzypampera 38M
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8/27/2006 11:38 pm
Are You Real?

Since joining the site I've only met one female on this site that I've met in person and actually got down with the chemistry. I dont expect sex to happen on every meet but just sending a message to someone in my area is a wasted task. People are adding me to their hotlist and friends list but arent communicating. Coming from the swingers lifestyle in Dallas, TX this is simply a waste of time attempting communication with shreveport/bossier city people to do things its like all the women are on this site to see how many will give them attention so they can move on with their daily lives and feel better about themselves since they dont get that attention in reality, I'd be better off going to the chateau to meet some real people instead of wasting my time online attempting to meet people who are either afraid of meeting real people or are just plain fake from the jump.

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