Chicago here we come  

dano6332 56M
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10/5/2005 5:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Chicago here we come

Chicago.... here we come....

blog post:

heyyy fellow bloggers....

Are you excited about Chicago already?
The edge of the veil has been lifted.... hop over to GoddessOfTheDawn's blog post

[post 109515]

There you can get a bit of a feel of what the Friday Night will be like....
And if you're still on that fence, who knows you might fall off in the right direction, that of the meet....

If you do so you better be quick.... time is running out!!!


Bye4now, tc

- and the hours b4 & after


goddessofbitches 41M/33F

10/5/2005 10:11 pm

So...I wonder what the body count for this is up to??


Always The Bitch

Luvwetcunt1000 48M
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10/6/2005 12:07 am

Have a great time buddy!

ExploreMore4Me 59F

10/6/2005 9:28 am

Dano....Thank you for your help with the rides as well! We'll all be waiting for you at the airport!'ll be waiting for us! 14 MORE DAYS! Wooooooooo hoooooooooooooo!


dano6332 56M

10/6/2005 4:21 pm

Mandy, I have no idea but know I am picking 5 people up on Thursday. I have room for one more (hint)

Explore we are going to have a great time and I am looking forward to being your chauffer (oh James do behave)

I am going to have simply a wonderful time and everyone just remember to check the drama at the door


rm_saintlianna 45F
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10/6/2005 5:54 pm

I think I am gonna cry..have fun *sob*

DefiniteTrouble 50F

10/7/2005 6:25 am

Dano - TOTALLY unrelated note.

I was sweeping and mopping the blog this morning (company coming tomorrow ya know), and I found your comment regarding my post "Friends With Benefits."

Please know I agree with your comment 100%. I have only had 2 such lasting 2 years, the last a little over 3. Both were completely, I wasn't seeing anyone else. No, it's not possible for me to be that involved and no real emotions develop. In fact, the last ended because we found ourselves deeply in love, and he was in a situation that could have destroyed he and his children. It was a mutual decision to end it, and we're still the best of friends today.

I just wanted to clarify my position on that subject...didn't want you to think I was as cold as I might have sounded. At the time, this type relationship suited my life perfectly. No more.

Have fun in Chicago...send pics!

dano6332 56M

10/7/2005 10:13 am

Saint please dont cry. I will miss you

DT I understand and did not think you were cold at all. I am simply not able to do a friends thing as I am a cuddling fool who cannot disassociate the act with the emotions. I know there are people who can and I do not judge them at all, we are just different.
I read messages from people who want no attachment and cant help but ask "why"? I sit here today a smitten man who makes no apologies or excuses. I am swept up and swept away and could not be happier. I also am keeping my fingers so crossed that you and 5 fall so hard it hurts and makes you cry from joy. Your my friends and while it is scary your both smart enough to know how worth it finally meeting your partner can be heck I am just a romantic

rm_1hotwahine 63F
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10/8/2005 11:39 pm

I just wandered over and found these last two bits btwn you and DT and I think I'm about to wander into that 'can I or can't I actually handle the FWB thing?' territory. Maybe I better go read the blog that DT referenced. I might be back later.

See you in Chicago, if I don't wimp out!

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

dano6332 56M

10/11/2005 6:11 am

Wahine, Dont wimp out sweetie and please do not misunderstand. I was simply saying that for me personally I cannot do FWB. If I like her enough to make love with her than I believe it is inevitable that you develope feelings greater than a FWB can handle. I also believe more guys (especially the honest ones we chat with on here )
feel this way but are to busy living the stereotype to admit it.
If you can handle it than go for it. It is certainly a better alternative than sleeping alone

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