A new game for the convention  

dano6332 56M
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9/23/2005 8:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A new game for the convention

I was just chatting with BLONDENEEDSSEX and promised to loan her a pair of handcuffs for the weekend when I was hit by a bolt from above.

How many sex toys will be brought to the convention? DT tells us most of the gals own most of the toys so lets have a pool. The girl who guesses the closest to the correct number of toys wins TDA and the guy wins Hell I dont know someone volunteer. I know Playful it is not an orgy, just a chance for friends to meet but think of the potential here. A slow drum roll as the actual number is announced then TAA DAA the winners or runner ups etc. I was also wondering how many TSA workers are going to have a surprise searching bags of people enroute to Chicago that weekend. Hmmmmm TDA can you notify FEMA and Homeland Security to cut a little slack?

rm_saintlianna 45F
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9/23/2005 9:08 pm

you mean TDA is going to have a TDA? 1,583 is my guess.


9/23/2005 9:14 pm

Well as of now I have a bronco ride promised on a mighty powerful toy. and a full house of cards lol and handcuffs , do I hear anything about ummmmmmmmmm unifoms nightsticks, I could make that into a toy yes sir I sure could. ohhhhhhhhhhhh let me not forget I was offered cinnamon oli massages for after bronco ride. Is A jacuzzi a toy if so count that too.

I.B for Innocent Blonde

xx_44DD_xx 51F

9/25/2005 11:13 am

True story........

When I was picked for jury duty, my first day? I did not realize I had left a small egg vibrator in my purse.

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The security in the court house made me empty my bag in front of everyone.

I thought I was going to die a thousand deaths.

Then? Oh ya..... cuz it didn't end there......... THEN......

They asked me "Do you want us to hold it for you or, throw it away - you are not allowed to bring in any type of battery operated device into the jury room or court room."

Fine, ummmmm hi? If you don't mind? Could you open up the floor and have it swallow me WHOLE since I'm going to DIE right here and now of embarassment! *sigh*

I told them to throw it away....... then I sulked off to the jury room. The good part was though, I wasn't picked, yayyy.

So, NO! I will not be traveling, even by car to the convention with toys

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

9/25/2005 12:04 pm


My guess is 28. I just like that number. Anyways, if I win...I want you to give me a massage...is that do-able?

Yeah..it's not an orgy..but whatever happens in the bedrooms...well...stays in the bedrooms...


Always The Bitch

dano6332 56M

9/25/2005 12:10 pm

Saint we will have to see if your right should be an interesting count. So are you volunteering for the prize?

Blonde, I would not count the Jacuzzi. I think a simple definition is it should be portable

44DD That is hilarious. The night I was hurt at work I was wearing some racy underwear (well for me it was racy) a pouch that was a gift. When they brought me into the trauma unit they start at your shoulders and cut it all off and I did receive some weird looks. I was in a lot of pain and getting hit with Morphine so at the time I did not care but wow in retrospect pretty funny

dano6332 56M

9/25/2005 12:15 pm

Mandy, Damn girl you read my mind just warning you my hands are definitely not gentlemen and may take excesses all by themselves.


rm_1hotwahine 63F
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9/25/2005 1:07 pm

44DD - ohmigod, that was funny! I have a one, but yours is better. A while back my 12 year old son and I were at the Medical Center, doing the 7th grade shots thing. There was this big basket of condomns on a table, and I thought it might be a good idea to familiarize him with the concept, so I grabbed some. He freaked and said, "Mom! Stop that! Get rid of those!" so I shoved them into my handbag and proceeded to get scolded by my kid for embarrassing the hell out of him.

A few weeks later I was having lunch with a table full of faculty members (who I don't really know that well yet) when someone needed a highlighter. I knew I had one but as the Clutter Queen, it took me awhile to find it. I could tell that the professors were amused at how messy I was.

As my friend and I left the cafeteria I said something to the effect of, "Well, at least they know I'm not an anal-retentive neatfreak," to which she replied: "Yeah, and they also know you keep a stash of condoms in your purse." By that time it was too late to even try to explain. The irony is that, at that time, there was no condom generated action in my life whatsoever.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

playfulwithyou33 56F
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9/26/2005 4:07 am

(puts the "toybox" on casters so dano or some other helpful accomodating gentleman doesn't get back strain while carting it in for me)

heheehhe(pictures some guy pulling the toybox thru the lobby on a leash)


9/26/2005 7:37 am

Jacuzzi doesn`t count as a toy you say , hmmm then why do I play in them ?????????????. Are the jets able to be counted, and don`t tell me they are not a toy

(Juan S)
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9/26/2005 10:07 am

<~~~~~ checking out rental prices of Security uniforms....

I'm going to have to check those bags miss...are you sure that is what this thing is for?
I'm going to need a demonstration if you don't mind...LOL

dano6332 56M

9/26/2005 5:26 pm

Wahine, I would guess it lead to a raise and promotion.
Playful, anytime love or as Sir Gallahad the Chaste said.."I'll face the peril".
Blonde, You are absolutely right and I stand before you chastised and crestfallen. Hmmmm maybe I need to be spanked?
Sizzle, Thanks for dropping in and I still have a Smokey Bear hat laying around here somewhere I will happily loan you (sorry Blonde already has the handcuffs)

rm_saintlianna 45F
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9/26/2005 7:03 pm

*sob* I cant go and thats the reason I am not offering myself up. Crap.

AlbertPrince 58M

9/27/2005 6:01 am

Do I have to be htere to enter? If I win will you send my prize to me?

dano6332 56M

9/27/2005 2:55 pm

Albert, Saint has withdrawn her name from the running as door prize (ok I shamelessly volunteered her but "due to circumstances etc" she is not attending. I suppose TDA would be willing but are you lol.
Huny, I hope your bringing your honey man instead. I would like a chance to shake the hand of the man who won your heart.

Saint my sweet. I will bring you your very own convention with the bow. I am very sorry you cannot attend as I was looking forward to speaking face to face with a mind more devious than my own. Next time love and sorry.

kyplowboy2 61M

9/27/2005 4:26 pm


Thanks for your comments on my blog. Guess all this will teach me to be more carefull of what I say (at least in such a public forum). lol
Watch for more Hillbilly posts, after the dust settles a little. Later.


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