So far so good  

dannybrownfun 40M
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3/31/2006 5:29 am
So far so good

Good afternoon people, hope you are all well. This is just a brief(ish) blog to let you know how I am getting on. Well, to be honest it has been a mixed experience, but one that I am enjoying. I must say a thank you to SSL for her help and advice with pointing me in the right direction. Also, thanks to everyone who has suggested helpful things.

I'm glad to say that I have made some friends already, my time on the chat rooms section has been a mixed bag. I went in there originally not really knowing how a chat room worked (certainly one like this) and was overwhelmed to say the least. I did have a "run in" with a lady who was very hostile towards (not just me) but men in general - I thought to myself that these people must see this as a school playground! What did make me laugh in there was some of the other guys. Some were very "I WANT SEX - NOW - WHY DON''T YOU!?" kind of messages - a tactic I didnt employ, and when some of the bullies in the room got hold of them they were torn to shreds. At one point I went into the hot tub. Nothing much was happening, but I was getting very carried away - sipping champagne, offering it round, I decided to get a different lable ordered as I prefer Veurve.

Still, not put off I did meet one Welsh girl and we had a bit of MSN sex (which was actually really fun as I've only done text sex before). She enjoyed it so much that the second time she even had her rampant rabbit already to go! Then I met a lady yesterday afternoon (one of a couple) who was very horny and we had a very good and descriptive time. She mentioned about coming down my way in July, with her husband and female friend and suggested we hook up. It'd be nice but I dont know if it was just talk - still you live in hope.

I've just bought a Bluetooth that will let me download pics from my mobile to my laptop - basically, I will soon be able to upload some pics of myself which will hopefully help. I've taken some suggestions here and will maybe only have one cock shot - but not as my main pic - who'd want to see that? Also, there are some strange looking cocks flying around on AdultFriendFinder isnt there - in every sense of the word LOL.

Well hope you're all gearing up for a good horny, dirty and wet weekend.

Hopefully I will be and fingers crossed by monday I should be a gold member on here.


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