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5/3/2006 6:06 am

Hey guys,

Well I met up with someone the other day, she was gorgeous! I was a little worried at first as she didn’t have a photo on here but only had a little description of her. So we finally exchanged numbers and sent pics of each other. She was very attractive and seemed to like mine too. We met up the following week for a coffee over lunch and chatted away for ages. It was really interesting hearing about some of her experiences on AdultFriendFinder. They are VERY different to mine, she had random guys emailing her with some very dubious photos (some of which sounded quite disturbing!), and how she would frequently get invites to go dogging or swinging out of the blue ‒ needless to say she wasn’t that impressed. I was the second chap she had met from here. Apparantly the other guy had sent a pic that had been taken at least 10 years ago. He turned up and she made her excuses and left quickly. Thankfully this hadn’t happened with me. We were chatting on MSN and texting, unfortunately she’s off in a few months time to Londonium and doesn’t want to get into anything. She told me this on a text the morning of when we were going to meet up that evening for a few drinks.

Such a shame as I thought we got on well, had a similar sense of humour and liked the same things. Oh well, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. I can see her doing very well in London and meeting lots of people very easily, she’s a very easy girl to get on with and stunning as well.

Never mind, the search continues. I have had a couple of emails from people but haven’t really followed these up lately because, well I just didn’t want to. Anyway, will keep you updated as and if anything develops with anyone.

You never know who’s out there I guess!

Dan xx

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