Some women set their standards too high...  

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7/15/2005 4:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Some women set their standards too high...

Now, I understand that ladies are looking out for their best interest (even here on AdultFriendFinder) but when I think a girl is a straight scrub and she tries to disrespect, thats some hoe bullsh*t.

I am sorry that we arent cashing out our entire checking accounts to get your pussy. Im sorry that you women sometimes set your standards way too high. It dont work like that. Now, Maybe you got "a lil extra padding" as your weight on your profile. Im not going to judge you based off that, but why come at men that way? If your a scrubby girl, Start lowering your standards, because the dopest guys out there arent already giving you the time of day, so why someone you have never seen before.

Why are women so complicated? So many beautiful ladies and only a handful are down to earth and just want to have sex (which is all good with me) and there is plenty of cool ass dudes who arent getting any play because of women's attitudes and their "standards". Whats up with girls trying to attach themselves to you? I signed up for discreet no-strings attached sex. I am not trying to be your fuck*n' husband. I just want to chill out with you, conversate, have a drink or 2, have some good sex, eat your nana til you cum and just have some smiles and laughs.

Kanye West makes a point... Now I aint sayin' she's a Gold Digger, Cuz she ain't messing with no broke ni**a. I make good money in my career, but If im not in a relationship with you, Why do you expect me to take you to Macys for? To make this short and sweet... We are all here for one reason, hot sex... This isnt a prostitution ring, is it?

Happy Thanksgiving.

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