This dream I keep having...  

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7/25/2005 1:29 am

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This dream I keep having...

Isn't there something more to be had? I've experienced my share of shallow, mindless fun-- in fact, I've made a career of it.

And it was all a hell of a good time.

But I found that the best experiences took time and care and a serious intellectual committment, and that goes for sex and everything else.

I suppose we all discover our threshold of intimacy and toe that line to the best of our abilities so we're not cast off into the abyss of losing our identities.

The problem is that it's so difficult to know sometimes what exactly it is that we're looking for. We think we know, but do we?

I had a dream several times lately where I met this cute punk girl (I invent people in my dreams, she wasn't anyone I knew). It was a massive turn on, the whole thing, but what turned me on the most, and the reason why I've been having bits and pieces of this dream for so long, was the _way_ she described everything she wanted, not really _what_ she wanted. The tone and tenor in which she spoke. The sheer conviction of the woman I concocted in my dream. I realized that this fantasy I was having was nothing without the personality of the woman I was fucking, without the deep mental turn-on I got from the way she spoke and carried herself during sex.

This from a guy who put a picture of his dick up on here.

I suppose we all have different shit that we're into. But the dream reminded me that the best sex I've ever had wasn't with the hottest chick, but with the woman that intimitely knew the psychology of turning someone on.

But how does one go about seeing that in somebody before they take the plunge? It's a lot easier to just say "she's hot" than "she's going to blow my mind at 2AM this morning with something she whispers into my ear."

I suppose there are ways, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. Sometimes the person you're on the best wavelength with over drinks is a polar opposite in bed, and the one you can barely talk to before sex drives you nuts later on.

But I suppose I already knew that. I just need to remind myself sometimes.

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