Man-Meat: A Retrospective  

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7/31/2005 1:13 am

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Man-Meat: A Retrospective

I was hoping to check out some live music today, but fate was not on my side-- as usual.

Last night, I IMed pretty late with a very nice and very cute woman I met on here. It was good to finally get in contact with somebody through AdultFriendFinder and actually, you know, feel some connection. At least I hope she felt a connection. The conversation got a little steamy and I hope she doesn't just think I'm a "cyber-bam-thank-you-ma'am" type of guy. Wow, that would be lame, wouldn't it?

I really hope I get to meet up with her.

I posted a sex story about a rock-star redhead (I love female musicians and I love redheads). I thought it was better than the crap I did before just to score AdultFriendFinder points, but there's something a little bit too porno-y about it. You know? There's not enough dialogue, not enough plot development and maybe too much focus on the whereabouts of the male lead's bodily fluids. At least I got turned on writing it.

I decided to replace the penis photo with one of my old headshots from NYC. Back in my modeling days, oh yes...

I think it works better for me. I first signed on here and was all horny and cock-this, pussy-that, stick-it-there blah blah blah, but you know what? Sex is great, but my life does not revolve around it and I am NOT just a pristine, hot, pulsating 7-inch circumcized dong... I am a human being, god damn it! And I will not be reduced to some piece of MAN-MEAT for all of you HORNY LITTLE VIXENS to just throw around at your leisure!

That's right. I'm not just some hot-dog vendor to the salivating hordes of pork-starved females out there. And, no, I will NOT put kraut on that!

I have feelings. And needs that go well beyond the flesh. For example, sometimes, I just need to cuddle. And know you're there! And sometimes, I just need money. To pay my gambling debts. Is all this too much to ask?

If it is, then stand down, woman. I'll take my futon and my man-meat elsewhere.

PS, the photo of my man-meat is still available for anyone who views my profile and if any of you vixens want to contact me, I could conjure up a few dozen more I imagine. Baby, you know I got what you need. Yeah.

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