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7/23/2005 11:42 pm

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Making it happen

So I recently signed up to this AdultFriendFinder thing after a particularly distressing few months completely devoid of sex and intimacy.

I was living in New York last year working in fashion photography. I've seen more naked models than Colin Farrell. I've partied in 5 million dollar penthouses, hung out in some of the hottest clubs in NYC, and hooked up with with beautiful women.

I had nights were I did enough blow to put a horse down-- and I was getting paid while doing it. Living the hardcore urban scene.

One night last year, I was chilling with some friends in a stunning Park Ave. apartment. We were doing lemon drops after work and invited some people over.

So I'm getting intimate with this girl I met and suddenly, my knee goes out. Bad. Ripped my ACL to shreds. I couldn't walk right for months.

The day after, I got fired. They knew I was useless to them for a couple of months with the knee, and they had previously turned the other cheek on my extreme party lifestyle. I couldn't argue.

So I came back to my hometown of Medford, OR with my tail between my legs. I got depressed, couldn't exercise until recently, and drank more beer than any human should really consume. Quickly started seeing gray hair and got totally out of shape.

But enough pathetic bullshit: that's not me.

I've just started working out again, so I'm feeling a little better. But I've never looked worse or felt less confident. And to think! A few months ago I was living my own male Sex and the City lifestyle.

But now I'm trying to get back on track. I'm writing a novel set in NYC and I'm back out trying to meet women again after a long period of no self confidence. I don't know if AdultFriendFinder is the right way to do it, but it's an attempt. I've got to make something happen.

There is an aspect of this "swinger" type site that is understandibly very body-type oriented. I'm trepidatious about meeting women because I feel less hot than I used to. So I thought I'd put my cock as the main photo because even though it's not exactly Ron Jeremy-like it's the best thing I've got going physically right now.

So. I guess I need to start somewhere. I'm just looking to get back in the saddle, so to speak. It makes me more accepting of different types of women, to be in my current position.

I'm wondering, if anyone actually reads this, if I can get some advice on what I should really expect on here. I only signed up recently.

Keep it real and mahalo.

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