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9/1/2006 5:54 am

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What a looonnng week!!! I can't remember if I've mentioned this, but I work part-time in retail. I only work nights and weekends when Hubby is home to be with the kids. I only work 20-25 hours a's one of those things I do solely for the purpose of human contact! I'm a complete social butterfly and love being with other people. I normally work 2-3 week nights. This week, I worked Mon-Thurs nights. Mind you, I get out of work at 11pm and I'm home by 11:15. Add to this the fact that I have insomnia and take "sleepy drugs" to knock me out. If I work, I don't generally go to sleep til 12:30-1:30. My super rambunctious 5 year old son is up with the sun every morning....soooo, right about now, I'm running on my 10th wind.

On top of working 4 straight nights in a row and having little sleep....this has by far been the most physical week I've had since begining at this place last Dec. We are in the process of switching over merchandise to the new season. In order to do this, we have to rebuild all the shelving units...I'm covered with bruises!!! Course, I can't let on to my MALE coworkers that any of this is beating me up cause I'm a chick!!!

AND, the next TWO weeks, I'm working Mon-Thurs nights!!!!! TGIF and it's a looong weekend! Maybe I can sleep in EACH day!

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