Squirt Guns  

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8/16/2006 9:56 am

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Squirt Guns

Ok, I'm one who swore my children would never shoot "guns". We weren't gonna have play guns or "shoot" our fingers at anyone...nothing! However, my son (who turns 5 nextweek), wanted a super soaker more than anything. I broke down and told Nana that was alll he wanted for his birthday. Nana, being Nana, had to offer up to his demands....so, now we have mini versions of super soakers. Yes, plural....couldn't leave his poor defenseless little sister unarmed.

(Nana had to give gifts early as she just went away on a loooong vacation)

Anyway, I come up with this brilliant idea....for his birthday party, we'll get each of the kids a little squirt gun (you know, my version of a party favor). I share this idea with him so we don't have to buy all the crappy little party favors at the party store. Now, just over a week before the party, I start looking for squirt guns...no one has any!!! I REALLY don't want to do the traditional shit for favors...what the hell do I do?!?!? I think I'm gonna spend nap time looking on line...rather than checking out cams and playing! DAMN! The real world can suck sometimes!

I've been fighting a cold...mind you, just got over bronchitis. Both kids have tubes in their ears....daughter's ear has had tons of "discharge" (aka goopy nasty shit) since like Sun. Finally decide today that perhaps I should see if that's normal when the tubes are falling out or something....go figure, another friggin' ear infection! UUuuuugh, I just won the Mommy of the Year Award!

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