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8/21/2006 6:20 am

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Ok, told you all I'd fess up about my night last night. Let me start by explaining the TREMENDOUS disappointment I felt when I woke up yesterday am with my fuckin' period!!!!! I came down stairs to tell hubby (who'd gotten up earlier with the kids). Told him that the anticipation was way too high and that I was good with it if the boys were. Called Boy Toy later and told him. He didn't care...THANK GOD!!!

Sooo, it was wonderful as it always is with "him"....didn't get my much anticipated DP though....but, he might be visiting again later this week.

Had a great time, hanging out, watching TV, talking, having a few drinks....progressed to touching, kissing, grinding. Eventually hubby suggested moving on to a more private place (the family room has a windowed front door...he's often worried the 18 year old across the street is peeking in through the windows with binoculars). Moved upstairs and things and heavy. I was fully aware of proper set up for my DP....sooo, I chose to ride boy toy. Turned and looked at hubby a few times to see if he was gonna make any moves....couldn't tell! Anyway, after boy toy left, I asked hubby WTF. He said that I was putting on quite a show he didn't want to take away from it! JESUS!!!!! I wouldn't have put on a great show if he'd slid up in my ass while I was there?????

Oh well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the end of the week!!!!!

electriccompany 52M

8/21/2006 12:32 pm

Way to serve it up "Manhattan Style", Dane!

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