Summer dream comes true  

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6/26/2006 11:28 am
Summer dream comes true

It is funny how in the profiles they ask a question, and when you answer it . you run out of band with, or it will not let you add the rest of evervythin. So We will add what we can here,

It was a mid summer dream come true, and still hold a vivid
picture in my mind, even after so many years gone by. The
unbridle passion of youth, discretion throwed to the
wind, and driven by a burning desire of love.
We were at this small bar on the ocean where there was a boat
harbor across the street, where the board walk run across
and divided into a series of docks. Living in the land of
the mid night sun, where it never sets , we went for a walk,
to get some fresh air and was standing on one of the docks.
When she said she needed to go to the bathroom, and couldn't
make it back to the bar in time. Being the tide was out there
was just enough space between the shore and the board walks,
so we made a hasty retreat to there.
We made it under there, and trying not to be seen from the
dock side, and with allot of people wondering around, we
got as far up under it as we could go. I stood in front of her,
while she drop her pants to pee, I made a joke about every
one could possibly see us, and with that she unzipped and
started pulling my pants down. At that moment I really didn't
care if someone saw us or not.
Then she took her hand and started working on my cock, first
stroking the length of the shaft, and then slipped one
hand around my waist pull on my ass to bring me closer to her,
started sucking on my cock, all I could do was grab a hold to
the beam above me and hold on.
After a few minutes of that, I pulled her to her feet, and
started kissing her on the lips at first then kneeled down
and kissed her on her belly, and playing with her belly
button. As I made my way to the top of her pussy I started using
mostly my hand rubbing up one side of her lips and then the
other until she had her legs about as far as she could , being
her pant were around her ankles, I finally made contact
with her clit and playing with it , she really was starting
to get excited, and started pulling on the material of my
shirt, to stand me up, saying she need it bad now,
So she turned around and bent over, and I started by rubbing
my cock up and down between her lips of her pussy then slowly
inserted it and started giving it to her in long slow strokes,
thinking everyone could see my white ass shinning out
from under there, and I could of cared less at that given
As we started moving faster, a couple of people stopped
and were standing on the board walk leaning on the rail talking,
So here we are getting so close to finishing and we're
staring up thought the boards, looking at their shoes
'not two feet from us, Here I am bottom out, feel her
pussy gripping my shaft both of us on the brink of Cumming,
she started wiggling her ass some more I knew we had to finish,
with them there or not, So slipped my hands forward to where
she put my hand over her mouth , and I was afraid I could get
bit in this sititution, and we started moving real slow
and only after a few more strokes I could not hold back , and
I felt her bit down on my hand some as she got off.
After we got our pants back on and was able to make our way
back to the dock and was walking up onto the board walk, we
had mud all over. , but I don't think ether one of us cared
about it
one , HAHAHA

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