Safe Sex  

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3/25/2006 11:30 am
Safe Sex

On a rescent trip to the grocery store, I decided I should pickup some condoms. At first no biggy just throw them in the cart with the rest of the groceries and thats that.
Thinking back when I was a teenager it was always off to the drugstore to make the purchase, and making sure the mother of one of your quest for a date with her dauther, wasn't working the cash regisher. They'd never invite you in for refreshment if they sold them to you two days before. It sucked growing up in a small town in those days. Then again if it was one of your class mates it was a dead give away if there was a chance. So anyway that was then.
Back to the present, I found them on the shelf, never have I been blessed with colors, flavors, and so on. Found what I thought I may like and put them in the cart with some new warming gel that just came out. Nothing like trying new things right.
Finished the rest of the shopping, and headed to the checkout, making sure I wasn't greeted by some past mother or love life in the past.
The checker seem harmless enough and was quick to start running evervything through the scanner.. A young gentlemen was there to ask if I wanted paper or plastic , started bagging the groceries as she pass them off to him.
Then somewhere out of all the things I was purchasing he spyed a small sticker on the condom package giving me a whole dollar off,whopee, I made a score with that right, Well he decided he should make sure I got that, so the groceries started piling up as he scraped and dug with his fingernails trying to retrieve this coupon from the package. The checker then notices the groceries starting to pile up brought her to watching this young lad working at the box as well.
About that time she picked up the warming gel from the belt and ran it over the scanner, and guess what, It was one of the new items that wasn't put into the system yet, and no price to be found. So here I stood watching the young guy digging at the package and she holding this warming gel up to the light looking for the code. Yes I was even getting afew people attention behind me waiting to check out. the next lady behind me just started really smiling or I should say laughing to herself over the whole process. Anyway about that time both of our attention turn to the checker as she grabbed the microphone to ask for a price check. About half way throught that she finally figured out, that may be a good idea to send the young man back to the shelf where I got it from.
By then it was beyond my control and the nice lady behind me started laughing, and all I could do was stand there, and smile. Well the young lad finally got the label scratched off and the checker figured it was worth something, and finished the purchase.
As I finished paying for it the young lady behind me was so kind in saying, I'm glad to see some people still practice safe sex

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