Old Freinds ,new friends????  

dandy6912000 60M/59F
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8/5/2006 12:54 pm
Old Freinds ,new friends????

Well, if meeting new friends is exciting, Finding old friends that have more in common then you knew can really be a added benifit.
Yes, being in a place where you may know most people personaly, or as a casual friend. At first it scared the hell out of us to meet with other people we may know or had other interest outside of the bedroom.
But that is beginning to slip away to the thought of , Well if your here and we are here for the same reason, then be adult about it and see if there is more to experenced together.
Maybe its the new conversation that can take place, between old friends that could of been thought of , but never acted on before????? The question of damn, we never thought of you in that way, and now damn lets see where we can go with it. Sometimes it fills a room with luagher and feeling like kids, it goes beyond our wild dreams at times.

So I would like to know How many of you may have experence this.???????

Meeting a person that you knew before, but finding you share the same site here??????

Did it work out for evervyone, or not????

Or did you find out who they were, and dropped them??????

Again thanks for your time, winks and e-mail.

dandy6912000 60M/59F
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8/10/2006 8:03 am

    Quoting rm_mzhunyhole:
    So far I ain't had any friends I met who was on this site..but I have gotten some to join up.
Cool, well that is adifferent response then I thought we would get, but all the same that is neat. We have met afew we did know, and what a great time we did have, nothing like renewing an old friendship. thanks for the input alway admired

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