Healing and Reveiling  

dandy6912000 60M/59F
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8/25/2006 1:14 pm
Healing and Reveiling

Well after afew days of healing from our wounds we recieved from being sunsumed by soap and water. We found out ,wearing blue jeans and the efects of the foam creates rug burns , in some fashion. But that ok, we would go in a heart beat again.LOL
There was another couple that had as much fun as we did. The funny thing was we never met them before, during or after. Now this must make you wonder how this all plays out.
Well as we were in the bubbles dancing away, and the foam got to the magic point of covering evervyone, there is always a small places that are with in view of others at times, but not from the outside of the dance floor.
It seem another couple found it a place to get down and play some as he started working his hands into her jeans, seeing that, I whispered to snatch as we also were just getting into the bumps and grinds. In turn we change postion for her to see what was going on.
After making contact with them by a wink, we let the music just take the four of us back to our own feeling. I couldn't hold back from folling his lead and ran my hand into snatchs pants.And the wetness was more then just the foam. Passing monments of watching them as well as they were watching us , Both he and I had our ladies rocking thier hips forward to capture the depth of our fingers.
Soon I felt Snatch's hip clamp tight against my hand, and her fingers digging into my shoulder. Finally releaing my hand she leaned into me and whispered for me to turn around.
After the change of postion, snatch shoved her hand into my pants to return a favor. Only as she worked stroking my hard member from within, i could see the other couple before me. The sexy lady was really getting into his fingering her. We made eye contact , and the feeling of warmth from it all was mind blowing to say the least.
There she was staring into my eyes and I watched as her partner brought her to a orgasm, that really drove me nuts, I watched as her face expression gave way to an orgasm, and her grip tighten on his shoulder to hang on. bitting her lip, and closing her eyes as it continued on.
Snatch at that time was really gripping my shaft hard and , lean in to ask if I was getting a good show, and knowing we could not continue I reached to pull her hand from my pants.
As the music started winding down we all regaining this foreplay, exchange knowing smiles and waited for the music to take us away again.
So by the time we finally made it home, we were on fire as of evervything we had witness, And the rest is history.

So have you ever been part of being watched by a complete stranger?????

Or maybe even knowing it, did it turn you on or not????

Oh well, time to find a new adventure, and go fourth. again thank you for the responds,winks, and e-mail. and to the new found freinds here and there, have a great weekend.

purpletrashcan 50F
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8/25/2006 3:25 pm

There is something so kinky, sneaky, and exciting about watching or being watched......

Pull My Fucking Hair!

dandy6912000 60M/59F
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8/26/2006 12:49 pm

    Quoting purpletrashcan:
    There is something so kinky, sneaky, and exciting about watching or being watched......
Found that out evervy much so. and know they felt the same way. thank you for the responds as always Dandy & Snatch

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