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3/27/2006 4:39 am
Best Freind

Hopifully this week, I'll get around to updating my profile and conbiming the two of us. Maybe it is like a spring cleaning you mite say, make afew change to it like , fun couple looking for adventure, and curious as hell. if we havn't done it, doesn't mean we won't consider it, or at least talk about it. Yes the conversation between my better half has opened so many doors.
Just think, even having someone to help my spelling as well. LOL She is truely more then I do desire in more ways then one. I recentily read a blog talking about a relationship gone bad, and figure it was just best to have a good friend was all he needed. Adding to that he wanted to know if it was wise to have sex with a friend.????
Well, I been having sex with my best friend for over 31 years., and hope to continue it until the end. We are also thinking about enjoying the company of shareing with new freinds as well. Now, you may wonder how all this came about and why would she accept it.
Simple enough, she is my best freind. She knows what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and correct me if I screw it up. And I'm learning to be the same here as well.
Yes, we know there are freinds with benifits and some are just good freinds as well. And we try to keep them. Never can have too many friends I think. There is even one that puzzle me right now, but I still wish for the best. I hope we havn't lost it.
So anyway I'll climb off my soap box, put another piece of wood on the fire, and wait to greet the day.

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