Unsweetened Cornflakes  

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11/2/2005 6:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Unsweetened Cornflakes

We've had a very dry week. Not from a lack of offers, but timing and work have made this week and last week very difficult to have any social life. On the email front, we met a couple that would like to start slowly on AdultFriendFinder by meeting a single bisexual female they can experiment with . We tried to gingerly explain basic math, portions, ratios, and probability to them, but I think it didn't come accross any better than French musical dubbed in Mandarin. We were ironically solicited again through winks by one of these elusive creatures this week, but she lives an hour away on the other side of the city (when I was 17 I once drove 3 hours just to get laid... lol). I think what other folks are missing to attract these ladies to their profile are:

1) A good looking redhead.
2) Some sense of humor on their profile.
3) Claiming to be open minded WITHOUT then immediately saying something close minded like "No Couples!" (this just implies that your male half is insecure and close minded- du'h).
4) A notion that you might know what you're doing. Ladies don't mind experimenting, but they don't like to picture the 3 of you in a hotel room discussing the wallpaper patterns and carpet stains because you're too chicken-sh*t to make the first move.
5) A face picture. Yeah we know, you don't want your mom or your real wife to know the 2 of you are pretending to be citizens of old Rome, but I'm telling you it helps. Also, if your mom is on here, what is she going to say? "I saw you on AdultFriendFinder while I was trim wrangling up some extra snatch for me and your pa you dirty boy".

If you're going to be flaky about being on here, at least be the frosted or cinnamon kind. No one likes unsweetend flakes. You don't have to add fruit, but you can do better than splenda when it comes to your sex life.

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