The weather is here... we wish you were beautful.....  

rm_dandth 48M/38F
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9/25/2005 5:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The weather is here... we wish you were beautful.....

So we had the pleasure of heading out on the boat a couple of nights ago... man what a night. It was so almost perfect, I didn't mind the fact that Jack Johnson was the only CD we had with us and almost didn't mind the 5th time it played through, although the whole genre of acoustical guitar playin song whispering pussified college man-boys kinda creeps me out. The wife responds well to a little JJ on the CD player though, so it's not like it isn't worth while. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of a lake outing with us, let me tell you about the boat. We needed something we could cruise around and act like old people on and that had enough room that the whole family could go out without feeling like we were stuck on a long car ride. At the same time, we needed something fast enough to have fun on and tube/ski/fish from. What we found was a cross between a pontoon boat and a deck boat. It's a Tri-toon boat that has an extra log in the middle and plaining strakes welded to the bottom of the logs on the stern 3rd of the boat. Coupled with a 4 stroke outboard, it gets up and goes fast enough and strong enough to pull a couple of skiers or tubes or shoot across the lake to your favorite fishing spot. At low speeds though it behaves just like your grandpa's pontoon boat, stable, comfy and with much less pitch/roll than a speed or deck boat. The best part is the sundeck on the back (known now as the best spot to get laid on the boat) and the big overstuffed sofas (the best spot to watch the action on the sun deck ).

Some folks out there have kids, and from time to time they meet other folks that have kids. When they all want to get together and have a little adult fun, they have to choose up a hotel or a swing club with on premise action. The boat is an often over looked 3rd option that we highly recommend. 2 nights hotel charges add up to a boat payment and slip fee each month, so even if you're only getting out bi-weekly you still have your costs covered plus legitimate boat use on the side when your uncle Davy who's still in the Navy comes to town.

We're so used to making out on it, we've considered dragging it with us to the bloggers convention so we can be a little different and invite people out to the parking lot to instead of up to our room.

rm_titsandtires 51M/41F
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9/25/2005 10:19 pm

sounds like the perfect boat to take to party cove at lake of the ozarks. (google it, or buy the DVD. it's crazy!) we'd love to party with you guys if we ever make it to that side of the country. got answer me this, because i think i already know the answer. have you guys ever had sex on the boat before when it was... say... in your driveway?


rm_dandth 48M/38F
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9/26/2005 5:48 am

The showroom was actually a parking lot behind the dealership. We broke it in while we were waiting on BOA to approve the loan (there were only 3 other couples on the lot, so not too many eyewitnesses).

playfulwithyou33 56F
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9/27/2005 12:00 pm

Hey it's a big parking lot at the Convention Hotel You want to see pics, then EMAIL me on ya hoo (same handle) and I'll send you a link to playfulsplayground where convention info and pics can be found.

rm_dandth 48M/38F
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9/28/2005 5:37 am

Thanks playful..... We will se you there!

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