Some Things Just Aren't As Good Anymore  

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10/24/2005 5:29 pm

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Some Things Just Aren't As Good Anymore

The Cheetah - Atlanta's Premier Strip Club: Not too long ago you had to adhere to a dress code to get into this "Gentlemen's Club" that boasted some of Atlanta's better dining where clubs were concerned. Saturday night we visited to find that now instead of a girl getting a stage to do her thing for 3 songs, they parade 3 girls per stage who are all forced to dance in "Mime Trapped In A Box" mode. Now variety is the spice of life, but this was more of a line-up than a strip-tease and honestly not very entertaining. Also, the bouncers (floor-managers) were running a cool new hustle..... everytime a table came open on the general floor where people could sit, they would rush over and slip a "reserved" card on the table to prevent anyone from sitting. Guess who the tables were reserved for? Anyone tipping them for the priviledge to sit ($20 average). That was just about a farce.

Bling Cars - West Coast Open: When Frankie Muniz wins (the poster child for cracker geek boy), it's no longer about fresh style but purchased accessories. No one admires the X-box in Six Four LeSabre. It's that tucked and rolled sofa that sits better than anything those hacks at Rooms To Go are selling (and the lack of dog leather means it's classier too). Frankie won with a Escalade that he can't see over the steering wheel to drive. I don't usually wish prison sex on anyone but Malcolm needs to be in the middle of two thugs hung like Budweiser horses begging for an episiotome to ease his discomfort.

Music - Especially rock: Have you ever noticed how in the "good ol' days" even if you had never heard a song before you could usually identify the artist? I mean, the first time I heard Rush/Subdivisions I knew instantly it was Rush and the same for anyone else of the 70's and early 80's. Going back a few hundred years or even earlier in this century you can say the same thing for composers. Not to geek-ify myself too much, but I know Bach when I hear Bach and John Philip Sousa can't be mistaken for anything but a carnival/parade/ice creal truck when you hear his horns blowing. Today the music industry is so formula laden you can't tell one "artist" from another and honestly, there aren't that many that are artist. Most of them are people hired to pose for production crews/staff. I would rather stick a lit match in my ear canal than to have to listen to the next thing Audioslave puts out. Don’t even get us started on the Jack Johnson/John Mayer twins. These NAMBLA rejects are real original, if you discount everything ever performed unplugged for the past 3 decades.

James Bond - As In The Latest One: Have you seen this guy? Why not just let Jacki Chan play the roll and have Owen Wilson step in as "Q".

Adult Gatherings - they made me delete this comment.

Halloween - Fall Festivals: When I was a kid, fall festivals at school were known as halloween parties/festivals. Each class was responsible for operating a booth in which you would play a game in an attempt to win some candy. Now, it's fund-raiser complete with consultants, bounce houses, pre-ticket sales, a damn flea market, and a proceeds going to the school administrations best guess at how to blow money they didn't earn.

LA - As In California: Recent trip proved what I always suspected. Much like some people will buy a "H2 Hummer" over an Armada or Tahoe and then complain they can't park it, fuel it, or fit it in their garage, there are millions of people living in LA just because they assume the rest of us want to and will be envious of them. Retards. I would rather live in "an unnamed celebrities unnamed orriface" than LA. (they made me eidt this too)

rm_dandth 47M/38F
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10/25/2005 7:32 am

This post was so much more than this.... not length wise, but content wise. It was censored worse than Caddy Shack on PAX.

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