Another Brick In The Wall......  

rm_dandth 47M/38F
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10/10/2005 5:53 pm

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Another Brick In The Wall......

In my youth, I had a difficult time understanding bitter old people. I mean why couldn't they just be happy to be alive? I got a good taste of where bitter attitude comes from this weekend though. It all started out innocently enough as a trip with the whole family to get sandwiches at a local sub-shop. So there we are in the parking lot of the strip center with the sub-shop (where I can feed 7 people for under $30) and the family spots a Japanese steakhouse. Not a Bennihana or Shogun mind you, but a hole in the wall kind of place that has no hope of becoming a chain (it shares parking with a sub-shop after all). Being out numbered on the debate, I agree to take everyone to eat in the Japanese restaurant for which I was beloved for the next 3-4 minutes by children with visions of flipping spatulas, fiery onion volcanoes, and who could laugh the loudest as some retard pulled the "Japanese Eggroll" joke for the 60th time today.

Seated in the restaurant, I am immediately reminded by the waitress that groups of 7 or more are automatically charged a gratuity (which means their service will suck since she's forewarning me instead of assuming they will do such a great job as to actually earn the tip). As a quick aside to you people who support this behavior, we tip better than 15% when we're waited on properly but we don't add on to "auto-tips, so you're screwing yourself. Anyway, 15 minutes later she manages to bring us our drink order and take our food order (proving to us just how bad she's gonna suck). As we order around the table I notice she's not really keeping up. The kids are all ordering the same thing, but each is having to speak his/her order 3 times. Before you think of a thick asian accent and language barrier let me head you off at the pass, this chick is as Americanized as the Toyota Camry (made in Tennessee). She's just that damn slow. Shrimp with fried rice. Nothing fancy, just shrimp/fried rice.

15 minutes more later a guy wheels up a cart of food and begins sanitizing the grill in front of us. I'm thinking about how I would be on my way home from the sub-shop when one of the kids quickly points out ot him that he took a long time to come out with a bucket of raw shrimp and rice for everyone considering we weren't waiting on the food to be cooked in the back. He apologizes and tells us that the waitress had a hard time getting the order into the computer (she's gonna get that tip though all the same). So he starts his routine, only guess what!!??!?!?! He sucks too! He tries 3 times to flip a spatula from one hand to the other before deciding to stick with playing a drum roll off and on the grill while criss-crossing his arms back and fourth! It was like Will Farrell had stepped in as he kept banging the things and then flipped one up to catch with the same hand and dropped it again. Our 6 year old asked him if he would just go ahead and cook becasue he was hungry. So without any further show, the guy starts cooking. A minute into the actual food prep he says to me, "Hey did you see that the Braves lost?". "Nope, didn't catch that". He then flies into a flurry about losing money on the game right there in front of the kids. Being the little sponges they are, they quickly started asking him where he bet on the game, did he fly to Vegas, did he know a real bookie (our 12 year old shark of a daughter pitching some of those types of questions), did the restaurant have a football pool, etc.... Thankfully our food was done a few minutes later and he left (although clearly showing the kids a good example of what not to become). The food was marginally good. As in better than frozen meals, but nothing great. Not worth the hassle thus far.

The check comes = $151 including Tip. Suddenly I felt a little more than cynical...... So another brick goes up in the wall of my mind at this point. The next time someone points out ahead of time that the bill will include a tip, I will, in a bitter tone, tell them they had better earn the tip since they know it's coming ahead of time.

rm_titsandtires 51M/41F
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10/10/2005 10:41 pm

auto-tips suck. I'm with you though... if the service is even okay... not even superb... I'll pay more than 15%.

We're spoiled in this city though. we have quite a few favorite resturaunts that we go to where we know the service is going to be A+ more often than not.


rm_Sunshine3938 53M/44F
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10/11/2005 5:40 am

Well having a child that has worked both sides of the auto-tip side I have to say it should be in place. She worked a 12 top table with no auto-tip and they left her what amounted to less then 10% and she gives excellent service. They divided the check up basically evenly and what most did was just leave the change and a buck or two instead of leaving a tip on the amount. She has also worked many times where a normal table of 4 has left less then 10% (basically change) and she has done everything right and they were laughing and having a great meal. I'm with you all though that if the tip is auto that they dang well should earn it. I once was in a family party of 8 and the service was crappy and we complained to the manager and they removed the auto tip and let us put our own tip in which was maybe 10%.

GrebeAbrusBaton 48M

10/12/2005 12:35 pm

hey tipping is fine but why should i pay for the service that the restaurant is providing. i work in the public and if i take tips i can be fired. i dont want tips that is my job that is what my employer pays me to do. the prices on most menus is outrageous anyways. tipping never should have been started and letting restaurants depend on their patrons on paying their employees. they should pay them decent wages

rm_dandth 47M/38F
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10/12/2005 3:00 pm

Very european of you jinglefun

We think tiping is a good thing... especially when it's proper anacronym is understood, To Insure Promptness.

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