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DanaeKC 43F
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12/20/2005 7:31 pm

you're missing the fake, airbrushed photo of the pin-up doll to put beside this post. i'd post one for you, but the software around these parts isn't conducive to including photos in responses. bummer.

besides, gia says you sent this to her in a private email. so... why are you putting this up as a blog entry without explaining why you're writing it in the first place? and why bother sending this to gia anyway? what did she ever do to you? if you have a complaint about service women (and many servicepersons, male and female, do) you need to take that up with those who can actually do something about it... don't bag on gia. you don't know her personally. that's not cool, man.

also, don't post shit without explaining why you're posting it -- particularly when it's something you sent as an email to another member here.

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