Do or Dare  

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12/13/2005 10:38 am

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Do or Dare

A new girl appeared the last week of middle school. The boys raved over her due to a beauty mark on her cheek, tan, blond hair and blue eyes. She was pointed out to me in the lunch room but seemed a bit pretentious for me. I shrugged as my other friends goggled and stared over her, teasing each other.
Summer had begun and I made money mowing lawns from Six AM to Eleven AM. and was running home with the mower and clippers glistening with sweat, bare chested in some cutoff shorts to change and catch the bus to the swimming pool. I was stopped by the shrillest wolf whistle I had ever heard. Looking to the right I spotted the new girl with the beauty mark, Joyce Hemphill. She proceeded to tell me what a chicken I was. I was irate, being the middle school Judo champ, a brown belt, the captain of the baseball team, a catcher and the boy who had had fist fights with the toughest boys in 7th grade and having won all fights. She smirked and said chicken you are 12 going on 13 and never kissed a girl. I was dumbfounded, the fact I had never considered asking a girl out to a movie or tried to kiss her would be considered chicken had slipped by me. I was in her hands, what did I have to do to prove I was not a chicken. She replied that it would involve a three tier test.
Test one was riding with her to the swimming pool with her holding hands. Taking the harassment from my younger brothers and his friends was almost unbearable. Don and Joyce kissing in a tree, and baby makes three...a song I never wanted to hear again. Finally the bus ride was over and test two started. I was to not dive or play keep away as my normal practices were in the pool, rather I was to sit with her on the blanket and only go into the pool at the adult only times, those 12 and over, and must stay with my arms encircling her on the side of the pool kissing. Thank heavens the kids had grown tired of singing their little song.
Forty-five minutes prior to the pool closing test three began. I was to sneak outside climb under the giant hedge behind the bus stop and wait for her with my eyes closed. As I came under the hedge it opened in the center, it was tall enough to stand. A mattress lay in the center with a tin can full of cigarette butts. The final test would be a snap, what could she dare me to do that would be difficult? I sat on the mattress and closed my eyes. It seemed it took forever for her to come. I finally thought that I heard someone crawling under the hedge. Then silence, I began to get nervous, would she try to scare me from behind.... then I heard her voice very close to me... Don take off your clothes and then wait for my next instruction. I took off my tee-shirt easily, my shoes came off a bit more slowly, I started to take off my swimming suit as I was standing up, she told me to keep my eyes closed and remain seated. Slowly I removed my swimsuit tentatively as I could hear the other kids 10 feet away at the bus stop... she better not be playing a trick and having the other kids watch me. I was naked with my legs together stretched in front of me. She told me to spread my legs and keep my eyes closed. Her mouth came to my ear and her tongue entered, different from the french kiss the older boys had told me about. Her breath was warm, her hair brushing against my chest smelled wonderful, was magical and light. Her hands were busy doing something but not touching me, suddenly something dripped on my erect penis... my eyes opened to see her playing with one hand rubbing her pussy the other groping the small rosy buds of her breast. She grabbed my penis and shoved it toward the opening of her vagina. For the first time in my life I was shocked to see the pubic hair on her pussy that was framing the red hot head of my flaming penis, things were starting to move I had never felt before in my testicles. When the goose bumps and shivers of her and I merged she was biting my neck hard and moving her slippery pussy up and down my penis as fast as she could from a squatted position. I was scared and grabbed my swimsuit and tee shirt and streaked out of the shrub. The older boys, 16 and 17 were sneaking a smoke out side the shrub and wanted me to tell them what had happened. I told them the whole story. One of the oldest went back in the shrub to get my shoes. He came out gave me my shoes and told me never to repeat the story. Joyce never rode the bus again that summer she only dated the older boys. Lucky me a twelve year old.

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12/22/2005 8:45 pm

this isn't about the story. this is about the rant you posted about servicewomen... the one you also sent to gia.

why did you remove it? or was it 'request reviewed'?

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