a friend sent this....it's the best ever.....  

dancewithme29 46F
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8/9/2005 8:51 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

a friend sent this....it's the best ever.....

I feel the same. I want you to sit on my lap and tell me all about the Amsterdam school of painters and the way that Rembrandt used light while I slide my hand between your thighs, slowly moving higher and higher, my lips on your throat, my tongue in your ear... my fingers now reaching your nether lips, feeling the heat and moisture... and you will squirm on my lap, spreading your thighs to allow better access, at the same time feeling my increasing length and hardness... and I will ask you to tell me about the Renaissance painters, the colors of Titian, the Rubens nudes... your breath becoming ragged as my fingers enter your pussy and begin a slow fucking rhythm, and you feel my now rock-hard cock pulsing against your thigh... as you're telling me about Blake's sketches, my right hand curves around your back and reaches your right breast, my fingers quickly finding your erect nipple, gently pulling, squeezing... the art history lesson halts, you turn to me for a deep, head-swirling kiss, our tongues like probing snakes in each other's mouths... but you were bad to stop the lecture... I was enjoying what you were saying... and now you must be punished... I grab your hair and gently but firmly pull your head back and tell you to pull up your skirt and lay across my lap... as you feel the first slap of my hand against your soon to be hot and red ass, my throbbing cock now a constant invitation under your belly, you hope that as my hand lifts from spanking you, my fingers will slip back between your legs to cool your wet and hungry pussy... and then we begin to discuss the magic realist writers...

curiousfemme35 47F

8/9/2005 10:25 pm

I had no idea there were so many intelligent, articulate, and erotic people on this site until I started reading Dance's blogs ... you are quite the magnet, my friend. You don't really want to leave, do you?

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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8/10/2005 1:29 pm

Why go when you can cum?

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