Ok, this is the FIRST entry ...  

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7/9/2005 11:18 pm

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Ok, this is the FIRST entry ...


I'm Dana, but I'm a guy so if you are looking for GG's (Genetic Girls) then it ain't me ...

Note to self: Make more photos!

I dress all the time but I never think to snap a few pics, I guess my compulsion for taking pictures is more than just "vanity." It's usually of other people or scenery. I'll change that soon as I get a little time on my hands and some more outfits. Which will be soon b'cos I am itchin' to get some pics on here.

Besides I am not what you would call an "Out and About Crossdresser." You won't find me shopping for clothes in the mall or strolling in the park. I guess that's why I came to this site. Maybe to find friends, lovers or admirers that would push me in that direction, to actually step outside the confines of my apartment to walk about in public.

Why do I dress up like a girl? Jeesh, hard one. I look at it as a fetish or at the least a hobby I guess. I've been doing it for awhile now, since my teens. I feel good when I go through the steps of dressing up and wearing women's clothing is a complete turn on. The fabrics are so much softer (different) and sexier than men's clothing.

I found out in my early twenties that my sexual preference was both. LOL! Just turned out that way, didn't mean it to. Then I found out that mixing my crossdressing and sexual preference was exciting to me and there you have it. Me was here!

Umm, okay I guess that's it for my FIRST blog entry, maybe they will get better as time goes on, stay tuned!

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