Sarcasm is the Lowest Form of Wit  

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8/16/2006 10:29 am

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Sarcasm is the Lowest Form of Wit

Ironically, given that I'm an insanely sarcastic person, I just don't understand sarcasm. Seriously, if somebody is sarcastic around me, then I'll often correct them and tell them they're being an idiot. So if you ever want to insult me, just compliment me in a highly sarcastic fashion, and I'll smile and thank you.

Amusingly, I think I lost the ability to 'get' sarcasm when I went to the US for a while - maybe it's karma's way of biting me in the ass for being horribly sarcastic to everyone over there, all the while laughing to myself about how insanely witty it was being sarcastic to a nation that on the whole doesn't understand that type of humour. (I do, by the way, understand quite how sad this was. But then you're reading about it, so go figure.)

In other news, my mobile phone company phoned me today to tell me that as a 'valued customer', they'd be prepared to offer me a choice of a whole three new mobile phones if I extended my contract. When I asked if this would be for the twelve month term I had previously, I was told that I'd be locked in to exactly the same contract as before, but this time for a period of eighteen months.

I can only assume that offering me a worse contract than I currently have is their way of showing me quite how 'valued' I am...

(See what I mean about the sarcasm?)


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