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8/17/2006 1:14 pm

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Looks Not Important

Although, obviously, they are. I mean, if you found somebody to be physically repulsive, would you really want to be involved in a relationship with them? Or have sex (which, it seems, is the thing that many people are looking for on this site.)

But I've been thinking about this more and more recently - to be honest, the profiles I tend to look at are the ones that have good looking pictures attached to them. Yet this is blatant hypocrisy, as I myself don't have any form of pictures up at all, and yet I expect other people to contact me on the strength of my profile alone. I mean, I am (barring extensive plastic surgery, and losing a good foot of height) never going to look like Tom Cruise, and yet by no means am I hideous either.* But yet I still tend not to contact people without photos, presumably on account of some subconscious idea that as they do not wish to put photos up on the site, these people are obviously one step away from Quasimodo himself.

I'm aware that I'm rambling (more than) a little, but I guess the points I'm trying to make are;

a) I should really put a photo up. Although the thought of doing that fills me with dread - if I don't get a reply from someone I email without a photo, then I can blame the lack of pics - having pics on takes away this safety net.

b) I should stop assuming that people without pictures are not good looking, and realise that it's far more likely that it's because they value their privacy.

Anyway, rambling over...

On a related note, I saw the woman of my dreams on this site a few days ago, and yet, since I haven't talked to her at all, don't know the first thing about her. So, more fuel to the looks/personality debate. (Or more bizarre rambling depending on which side of the fence you fall...)


*This, by the way, would make an awesome tagline for my profile:

Dan Jones - By no means hideous

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