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8/10/2006 6:56 am

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Go Web Go!

Being a male of a certain age, you get to hear about a number of kinks that you might not otherwise hear about. The ones that amuse me most, if I'm being honest, are the following;

Donkey Punch - Hitting the girl in the back of the head just at the point of orgasm so all her muscles contract.

Spider Man - Taking you cum in your hand, then flinging it at the girl's face, whilst shouting 'Go Web Go!'

Houdini - Having sex with a girl from behind, then pulling out and spitting on her back. When she turns round you then cum in her face, as you are the Master of Misdirection.

David Blaine - Suspending your partner in a perspex box 30ft above the River Thames whilst people throw things at her.*

I say amuse, because I honestly can't think that I'd get any pleasure from actually doing any of these. Indeed, I've got to wonder if anyone has ever actually tried these, or if they're purely an urban myth, propogated only so that bored twenty-somethings have amusing stories to tell at dinner parties.

So people, if any of you have any donkey punch stories you'd like to tell, then add them to the comments, along with tips on how to ever get a girl to sleep with you again after nearly paralysing her...

Until next time

* I may have made up the sexual maneouver David Blaine.

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