Bouncing Up and Down on That Big Hard ...  

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8/19/2006 6:18 am

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Bouncing Up and Down on That Big Hard ...

I love pornography, I really do. Not so much for getting off to, but mostly because a lot of it is just so damn funny.
I mean, when I lived with a few friends, we had some really rather excellent interactive porn, where you could press a button on the DVD remote and get some kind of change on the screen - for instance, there was an orgasm button, which you pressed to make the girl on screen cum. (If only...)
But the best bit was the innocent/nasty button. The only difference between these two was that on innocent mode the woman moaned and groaned, whereas nasty meant she randomly spouted one of the following phrases;

'Bouncing up and down on that big hard cock.'

'Fuck my fuckhole.'

And that was it. Awesome I tell you.

Not that it was the kind of thing I could have watched all day, mind. But any porn with a dildo button has my vote, y'know?

Dan xx

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