Alphabetti Spaghetti  

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8/15/2006 1:53 am

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Alphabetti Spaghetti

Did you know (and I'm assuming you didn't, since knowledge of this would make you some kind of crazy stalker person) that I didn't know my alphabet until the age of seven? Seriously, a teacher asked me to recite the alphabet, and I gave her a random sequence of letters plus a few guturral sounds I'd probably heard my dad make on the loo.

All this has changed though, I am glad to say. I can now reel off my a to z in at least one language, and in well under ten minutes time!
And it doesn't stop there - there's no end of things that I can do now that I couldn't as a small child, such as going to the toilet all by myself.

Although there was an incident a few nites ago that I'm banned from talking about due to legal reasons...


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