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8/15/2006 5:53 am

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A Conversation

Him: I'm maaaaaaad I am!!!!!

Me: So am I.

Him: Look, I'm wearing a tie that says 'I'd rather be in bed' ... and I'm at work!!!!!!

Me: I like to kill and eat homeless people for fun.

Him: ...

And that, dear reader, is the reason I no longer work at my old job.*

But seriously, one of my pet peeves is people that claim to be 'maaaaaad!!!!' This is for two reasons;

1) Working in an office and putting a whoopie cushion on a colleague's chair does not make you mad. It simply means you have a crap sense of humour.

2) Having someone in the family with an actual mental illness, I find people who want to be mad quite offensive. An idea for you - try coming home from work to find ambulances and police cars outside your house, and then see how funny it is to be 'maaaaad.'

In other news, I went out last nite and felt fine this morning, so my faith in the invincibility of youth is restored. Now, to find my receipt so I can return that pipe and those slippers...

Dan xx

*This is in fact complete fabrication. I have never killed and eaten a homeless person. Or had this conversation. People do wear ridiculous ties though, I didn't make that bit up.

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