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3/1/2006 1:43 am

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The most eloquent silence; that of two mouths meeting in a kiss.
~ by Unknown ~

I ran across this quote and it sparked my imagination, as quotes often do. It got me to thinking about kisses. *smile* We have all kissed; parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends. (ok, the last is for the females)

What I want to know is, how would you describe the perfect kiss of the opposite sex? Where does it take place? Who is it? What position are you in? Where are your hands? Where are theirs? What do they taste like? Is it soft or hard? Is there tongue or no tongue, etc?

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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3/1/2006 3:59 am

Its soft and then turns hot while we are at a candle light dinner! Meooooooooow!

Purry {=}


timo-timo 68M

3/1/2006 8:50 am

Between lovers, I have always called this The Silent Language. In this silence more is said than words could ever speak, for it is so much more a perfect blend of thought and feeling, of the release and demonstration of devotion, passion and need, than any word could ever are spoken things which never could be said elsewhere.


eatinitup1000 81M

3/1/2006 11:15 am

It would be soft, lingering, and would be an indicator of how you really feel about the person you are kissing. It would be gentle, with tongues touching and caressing each other. You just know when it happens if there is a spark or not!

rm_FiremanCop05 50M

3/1/2006 12:24 pm

How ironic, I just discussed kissing with a very beautiful woman the other day.

Simple. Each and every kiss shared with that special someone in your life would become the perfect kiss. Whether it be a goodby kiss, a goodnight kiss, an "i'm gonna get me some" kiss, a quick "i'm thinking of you kiss", or any other type of kiss. For me it's the feelings behind and created by the kiss that make it special, not the way it is done.

cowboyhavinfun0 50M
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3/1/2006 12:36 pm

Roses and poison ivy! Sugar and salt! Niagra falls and springs showers! Kisses Should be as delicate as a rose and leave you itching for more. Sweet as sugar yet leave you thirsty for more. The first one scares you and makes you nervous yet peaceful and relaxed when it is over. That would be the perfect kiss!

damn_dame 46F

3/3/2006 3:02 am

Hmmm, great responses! Purrykitty, love those kisses that start out soft and sweet and then grow into a towering inferno and what woman doesn't like candlit dinners?!

Timo, you said it, this is the opporunity to express what you might not have been courageous enough to put into words. If your kisses are as good as your posts and your conversation, wow, watch out you Calfornian women! Snatch this one up!

Eatinup, mmm, soft and sweet and an exploration. Sounds like you have kissed a time or two. I love those kisses that make you want to just melt in a man's arms. *sigh*

Firemancop, what a romantic guy! Do I even have to say perfect answer? I love what you said about every kiss being perfect with the one you love. I am curious, what handbook are you getting these responses out of, we need to post the title for all the other poor men out there who don't have a clue.

Cowboyhavinfun, terrific post. You expressed your thoughts in a very unique way! At first I was puzzled, and then when your explanation came it made me smile. Great post!

Thank you all for posting! And for those of you who didn't, don't be shy, jump on in here!

I think a kiss, especially the ones you have before you have made love with someone, tell a lot about what kind of lover a parnter will be. Are they demanding and passionate, are they soft and sensual, or are they cold and over before you know what happened? LOL Do they tease and torment or come right out and say, "Damn, I want you and I want you right now!"

Hmm, for me if I were to describe the perfect kiss that I have imagined in my mind, it is always slow. The location varies, but the manner does not. First, he looks at me, and I KNOW that he is going to kiss me, I can see it in his eyes. He stares at me for several seconds before he slowly begins to lean towards me, he softly touches his lips to mine, once, twice, three times. They are soft butterfly kisses, teasing and testing. Then he slips his hands up to the back of my neck and pulls me closer. This is done very slowly and very surely. I know the "biggie" is coming and my heart races. Then he presses his soft lips to mine, this time teasing open my mouth with his tongue. I open for him and he erotically slips his tongue inside my mouth to tangle with mine. Our heads tilt naturally, giving each other access to taste, to tease, to explore. When the kiss ends, I am breathless and my imagination is running wild.

cyrus_mp 44M
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3/3/2006 5:06 am

The Action of Kissing is a hallmark of caring and love. If you kissed your mom's cheek. It means you physically showing your love and care to your mom. So if your lips kissed someones lips. Just bear in mind that you kissed her/him because of love and you expect the same feeling on her/him. The movement, the slickiness and tongue gesture, you might consider that as a silent conversation. Just try to catch up.

bigfootfireman 50M

3/9/2006 4:28 pm

The kiss and the art of kissing is a wonderful thing.From a quick peck to your love one(s) as you going out the door ,to the long slow
kisses of the one that turn you on.The kiss is a very special way
of say that you care.

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