Day 1 March 28th-2006  

daman080808 43M
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3/28/2006 9:10 am

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Day 1 March 28th-2006

So this is how it all starts?
I begin with a hello to all that will read this and take part in expanding my horizon and allowing me to share in yours....This ultimatly is an adventure i am sure that some of you will join and share with me.

How do i continue?

Well...lets see...
What is it that everyone is looking for on this site? What are the real ultimate goals of each and everyone here....are we all trying to live a fantasy that we can not grasp? Are we wanting that which is not in our lives? Or is it simpler than that, we want something that is in our lives, but we just cant see it because of our ego's?....Do we all need to roll over, open our eyes and with a new confidence see that we are who we want to be? Thet there is nothing we can be limited too, and that the decisions we make are with purpose, that we live our every day with power and reason!!

So profound when typing as if this is a diary....

Share with me (and everyone else) what makes!

NightOwl02_777 36F
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4/1/2006 2:42 pm

profound indeed, at least for AdultFriendFinder!

nice to see you're willing to ask the right questions

I'm new here too- biggest problem with the site is I havent quite figured out the "chat" thing yet...unfortunately

gotta sort through a lotta crap & its a SLOW process, esp when you're already frustrated

good luck

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