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published poems

Just Friends
as she lay there beside him
breathing softly in her sleep
he gazed lovingly at her
creamy white skin
dark brown hair
each time they touched
he seemed to almost melt
this indeed was the thing he desired most
the passion
that now and again would flare
like the embers in an eternally blazing fire
she had no idea
had no inkling of how he truly felt
never once had his flesh touched hers
or their mouths even kissed
she was untouchable
a married woman
he was just her "friend"
but she had his heart from the first hello
Copyright ©2005

Memories In Dust
she smiles and I cry
she smiles and I die
tonight it ends with me
deny it then we bleed
heartless I was
I love all she does
this woman
this girl
she is my world
I have fallen apart
and broken her heart
taken her love
and thrown it away
she kisses him goodbye
he kisses her goodnight
why have I denied
you are my light
I am so sorry
she did not forgive can I blame her
Copyright ©2005

as I lie awake...
as I lie awake
I tend to hear you scream
as I hear the hateful words
I pray it's but a dream
as I lie awake
so often in the night
I see you angry all the time
as I lie awake
I want to free some time
but I wish to dream for something mine
as I lie awake
I tend to drift away
off again I am to another place
as I lie awake
I wonder why you hate him so
he is the only love I've ever known
as I lie awake
I often feel your pain
I feel my tears fall like soft rain
as I lie awake I am gone again
Copyright ©2005

Love Always: A Letter To My Love
forever i have loved thee
and forever has now gone
forever i had loved he
that was never wrong
and now forever has again come and gone
i have no love forever more and love has no more me
and evermore my loving heart will bleed for thee
no more tears i shall cry
i have no love for another man
but i can love for you no more
i thought we had the real thing
undying til the end
well i guess the real thing is that you're still my friend
Copyright ©2005

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