more than just a memory...  

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8/2/2005 1:24 pm

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more than just a memory...

It's hard to think of the what might have been when I think back on the very short time I was married to my son's father...because everyone deserves a chance at living the life they choose to lead...and being with him was prohibiting me from being able to do so...after the birth of our son, I ballooned from 130lbs to over 300...he was all for me being a "fattie", while with him I could not have been any more unhappy than I was...then I got the bright idea to go file for divorce...I swear the closer it gets to the day I was married the more out of character I act...anyhowz...I filed for divorce, started excersising my ass off...and finally met someone I genuinely care for...and we as a couple love what the lifestyle has to offer...whereas when my ex husband and I were involved in it, he went into a jealous rage if you will after all was said and done and the other couple/couples were gone...all was fine and good while folks were around...the facade worked for a while...then I got wise to it and decided that I had finally had enough...packed up my son...and got the hell outta there...haven't looked back since...we've been divorced for nearly 3 years now...our divorce was finalized on what would have been our 2nd anniversary...well, as I said...the man I am with now makes me happy...and there are no jealousy issues in this new relationship...before I met him I was cycling through bf's like Lance Armstrong winning the Tour De France...all the damn time...getting serious scared me for quite a while after I was divorced...looks like I changed my mind...LOL...


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