Let's Explore Some Naughty Little Fantasies Together  

daisy_lincoln 46F
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9/12/2005 8:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Let's Explore Some Naughty Little Fantasies Together

So, hypothetically speaking, if we were to spend 48 hours together, how would we spend it? What would we do? What wouldn't we do? Remember, your every naughty little wish is my command!

rm_aachen_man 39M

9/14/2005 11:04 am

Our Date would have to start In the Early morning. I'd bring you on my short Euro Tour. Five countries in Western Europe: In Six Hours. We would start in the Netherlands; drive into Germany, Followed By Belgium, Luxemburg, And Finally Paris France. By the time we get to Paris We’d spend enough time in my car to talk about Each Likes Dislikes and Fantasies. A couple of Bathroom Breaks in-between maybe used to for a Little fore play. Not for me though, For You I love nothing more than to please a woman with my tongue. After arriving in Paris we’d do some Short Sight seeing. Sit down at a nice cafĂ© for something to eat and Drink, maybe a nice bottle of French Wine. After this we’d walk to the Eiffel tower. And as the sunsets, we’d sit on the grass in the large park in front of the tower. I’d have you sit in front of me with your back to my chest. I’d caress your inner thigh All the way up to your moist pussy. We’d sit there for hours before checking into the hotel I reserved. At the hotel you can only guess what would happen. The next morning we would drive back to my house. After A nice Dinner we would drive to Amsterdam and Visit some of the worlds most exclusive swinger clubs. Just to take a peek.

Well that’s the short version for the Blog… LOL

rm_IAMC4 68M

9/15/2005 12:57 am

Hi Daisy,

Join me at my home in CO, or at my home in ND, or in CA at your convienence and at a resort / vacation spot of your choosing -- I will pay for everything,, of course -- and you can find out first hand about that 48 hour thing -- let me warn you: I am a handsome rogue, and sweet beauty for 48 hours (we need more time); but, nevertheless, you will be amazed at how much respectful and tender attention can be heaped upon you in 48 hours -- all I want to do is to hear you laugh and say: "let's do that again!" -- Daisy, an idea, would you like to go to Germany for the Oktoberfest in Munich? I lived in Germany for two years -- much to see -- let me SHOW you what we can do in 48 hours (can we have more time) rather than just TALK about it!!! I PROMISE you, you will be happy -- you have my word! Pick the place and the time, and see how 48 hours can make you really smile!!!!

I look forward to hearing from you -- ALWAYS!!!

Take care,


NickRules999 39M
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9/15/2005 4:42 pm

How would I like to spend 48 hours with you? Good question.

Assuming you don't want to travel, I would meet you where you're at. I'd take you to dinner, so we could get to know each other, quite possibly see if there's a connection. Then, we could walk around town into the night. About this time, we'd go to your place.

We'd sit in the living room, talking, drinking wine, getting closer and closer. Then we'd kiss passionately. Our kissing would grow more urgent, as our lust for each other takes hold, and our hands explore each other's bodies. We shed our clothes, and start kissing you all the way down, going down on you. My tongue on your clit, my fingers in your hole. I can hear you moan as I work you. I lick you into a frenzy, and just as your about to cum, I stop. You ask, "Why?" I say, "Won't it be better with me inside you?"

You're groping at my cock through my pants. It's already hard for you. But you want to take it in your mouth, and you take it furiously. You're sucking me hard, looking up at me while sucking me. I pull it out of your mouth, and have you lie back on the couch. You open your pussy for me to put my cock inside you. When I do, you can feel the orgasm previously denied is on it's way back. You're really wet, looking up at me with lust unmatched by all. Your hands grab my ass, pulling me deeper inside you. The orgasm I owe you comes, rocking you hard. I watch you convulse as you tremble orgasmically. When your orgasm is done, your grab me and kiss me hard. I ask you if you want to get on top. You accept.

I lie back on the couch, and you perch on my cock, riding me hard. I watch you bounce up and down on me, showing no mercy. I can feel I'm about to explode, and you have another orgasm on the way. It feels so good. We keep going until we both cum at the same time. We both cum hard. After our simulatious orgasm, we both lie back on the couch. And, I think I have a pretty good idea of how to spend the next 24 hours........

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

rm_nheadgames 48M
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9/18/2005 2:00 pm

48 hrs! You would be raw and thanking me for the attention I gave you. First and foremost you would be tied up were your arms and legs are together so i can smack that ass while you saver my meat. Then I would grab and thrust from behind so you know what I was there to do... make you feel like the woman you wanted to be. This would go on until you begged to be turned over so you can grab my ass and hold me inside while you orgasm but i am still thrusting in you back and forth until you clamp down on me while going through your hardest orgasm ever, after that i would introduce myself and tell you to get ready for the ride of your life while i pound that pussy of yours into submission and i come deep inside you.... if you want me to continue our 48 hr adventure email me back

rm_newyork143 45M
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9/23/2005 1:01 pm

I wouldc love to spent 48hrs with you. It`s a long time with sommeone hot like you but that`s not enough? I would take my time to start with a dinner you ia asexy dress... The meal is a delicious like you
We get hot and hotter during the dinner and can`t wait until our bodies meet. I cover your eyes take slowly your dress of and start to lick you all over your body until that time Ibondage you at the bed and the wild things are going to start..

rm_Hank8016 70M
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9/24/2005 2:13 pm

48 would be great! First, a nice dinner for lots of talking and checking for the chemical spark. It it's there, then on to the hotel, your house or mine. A get-acquainted shower would be nice, and beginning foreplay by shaving each other. Then, I'd sit on a stool or armless chair and order you to straddle my legs and sit on my lap facing me. My hands would stimulate your arms, back, breasts as we kissed and you held my cock in your hand. My tongue in your mouth, in your ears, behind your ears, running it down and around your throat, kissing, licking, then down between those beautiful breasts (I hope they're as sexually sensitive as they are beautiful!), kissing and licking each one, spiralling my way out to your aereola and nipples, then sucking to make your nipples as hard and erect as possible (I want to feel your erect nipples on the back of my throat). Then, I'd take each hard nipple between my teeth, biting gently and pulling, then as they're between my teeth, I'd flick my tongue back and forth so fast, it would feel like a vibrator. There's your first orgasm of the evening. You'd be soaking wet. I'd order you to stand up with your legs together, then I'd get on my knees and put my mouth over your pussy and tell you to spread your legs and reach down and open your pussy lips with your fingers. Your hot, sweet pussy juice would run into my mouth and I'd drink it down. How's that for a start?

magicallicks007 62M
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9/27/2005 11:18 am

WOW...a great ice breaker. What to do with you in 48 hrs. Well first that's not enough time. I'd take you to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, of course we wouldn't be wearing any underwear, I'd have us sitting in a secluded area to wine & dine you. occasionally drop my fork so I can Lick your pussy. as a magician I have nimble fingers, tongue, lips all to kiss and caress you. We would stay at the hotel next door and watch videos...acting out each scene. Plus I have many more tricks up my sleeve.

magnumrocks 46M
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9/28/2005 2:35 am

Depending on how much you submit.
I would get you out of your clothes as soon as possible, at least into one of your sexy outfits. I would tempt you with my caresses and whisper my desires into your ears as I nible on your neck...... more to come its going to be a long night.

rm_hornebloke45 56M
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10/11/2005 5:49 am

Dasiy, I would meet you at the airport. Take you for a short tour of Adelaide in the afternoon. The warm sun would wash over your form driving my lust as we walk an talk. Then after coffee I would take you home order you to the shower and then to the bedroom. Where I would spoil u with a full body massage covering with sented oil when you are almost asleep and relaxed you will reach for me to feel my heat and passion and we will embrace in all the passion that we have before falling to sleep spooned together. The next day we will please each other before during and after breakfast. Then in many ways and places as we tour the exhibits, mastibation in the museum, heavy petting in the mall, sex in the openness of wilderness, you baring your self to the occasional passer by. All done to giggles, champane and a sense of adventure. Then dinner at the star light room over looking the city lights to the ocean behond. off to a comedy show for a good laugh. next to the beach for a walk with the sea washing beween our toes and the breeze in your hair stopping for passionate embraces. Then back to home base babe, for the next 24 hour of all the sex and playfull things we can imagine as we expand our limits in ways that only two minds can put together. And just like the playfull little girl you get to have all that I can offer.
Hey if you ever wish to visit the terms are on the table my beautifull sexy sweet little girl. (you can pay your own way)LOL

rm_jumar052 56M
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10/14/2005 2:11 pm

48 hours is too much, the most would be 48 minutes

rm_Handler240 33M
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10/22/2005 1:21 pm

Dear Daisy,
Thats an interesting proposition you just threw out there and you can approach in two ways, just by reading all your comments. Either It can be a sexual experience, a fantasy far greater than any other one that can be captured on film. Or it could go along with the puppy love romanticism of Breakfast in bed, an afternoon at the beach, an intimate dinner, and a sensual evenning. Inquiring minds would like to know, in that 48 hour period, are you looking for love or lust? Anxiously interested in your response.

rm_crackercat 64M

11/28/2005 7:45 pm

Hi Daisy - my first post so I thought I would start with something mild like this post.

I arrive early - chat for 10 minutes or so and then tell you to go upstairs, put on a black leather, skimpy braless top, black lace thong, short mini black leather skirt and 2 inch heels with black leather laces up to just below your knees. Then I would follow and sit on the bed and watch. Once you were dressed we would head for a sidewalk cafe, something quaint, but busy so we could blend in. I would make sure they had leather chairs. After ordering I would talk to you, intimately, quietly, sensuously, letting your mind stimulate your senses until your legs were quivering. Then I would make you take off your thong and give it to me so I could smell and feel and see if it was wet. I would then make you sit with your legs slightly spread, and watch your face turn red from, pleasure, excitement. You would lower your eyes and peek at men as they passed wondering if they had noticed your legs and that you were naked under your skirt. The excitement would mount and you would squirm on the leather as your secretions made the seat slippery and you would peek at me from lowered eyes to see if I realized how comfortable you were and safe you felt within the sphere of my protection and control. After the meal we would take a stroll along the main street with you on my arm and we would window shop, stopping, gazing, talking and every once in awhile touching, brushing against each other. We would then taxi it to your place. This is just the start of the evening, but we would begin, with you undressing while I watched; then undressing me and ending on your knees head lowered, eyes closed and in your space, we would open a bottle of wine and get on the bed, legs crossed, facing each other with knees touching, sipping the wine and.....

Should I go on? I think maybe the rest would be for the actual experience.

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