You know!...when somethings tastes that good....  

daighi 49M
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7/21/2006 12:35 am

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You know!...when somethings tastes that good....

....You just HAVE to have it again & again.!

Hi there,thought i'd gone again did'nt ya?

Well you may have noticed that i missed yesterday as a blog day.That was because something very unexpected & nice came up at the last minute...

My day started off very early,4.30am in fact,& i worked a full day as usual.I have taken on one or two extra regular taxi jobs recently,that will help keep me busy of a while,so i tended to them as normal.

It was shortly after 4.00pm,when i was just about to knock off,i suddenly seen one of my friends walking in town,so i pulled over to say hi.

She greeted me with her pearly white toothed smile,& jumped in the car.I asked her where she was off to,& she said that she had her work done,& was heading home early.

I of course,being the gentleman i am,offered to give her a lift

While driving along the coast road,we chatted about things to catch up on things.I had'nt seen her for a couple of months,so there was alot to catch up on...

The sun was absolutely bursting in the sky,& it was still SO hot.I asked my friends what plans she had for the evening,to which she replied she had nothing too important to do,& gave me that smile again.

I suggested that we go for a drink to help cool down,& thankfully,she agreed.

I drove to a nice pub,on that we often frequented in the past,& we had a drink or three.The conversation flowed & we both caught up with things as they are in our lives.

At around 8,we finished up,& i took her home.On reaching her home,& to my pleasant surprise,my friend asked me to come in for a while.She knows that i don't drink coffee too much,but something told me that we would'nt be drinking coffee,if anything for long..

Nevertheless,i put the kettle on,while she told me she was going for a shower,to wash off the days grime.I sat in the armchair,& looked around her apartment,which was tastefully decorated,& obviously had a womans theme,of fluffyness & comfort about it.It also smelled terrific,as she is the type that loves candles,& pot pouree.

Just as the kettle clicked off,i shouted in to her if she would like a tea or coffee.She shouted back at me,nothing yet,but could i hand her a towel,from the air cubboard in the hall beside the bathroom.

Making my way to the bathroom with the fluffiest,softest bath-towel i could find,i handed it to her,while trying to avert my eyes from looking at her sexy,curvy body.Lets say..I did'nt do a good job of that,as she has a couple of mirrors in her bathroom,which aided me to take a sneak look at her.

I need'nt have bothered,she just stepped out of the shower fully naked,took the towel,& proceeded to dry her wonderful body there & then in front of me.I gasped,& could'nt resist it but to make a comment on how beautiful i thought it was,to which she said thank you & gave me another big smile."Don't you want to freshen up yourself,you can have a shower if you want to?"To which i replied that i would.

She left the bathroom,went to the air cubboard,& came back with another towel for me,placing it down she said,have a shower,& follow me in after,i'm going to have a coffee,& a snack,& gave me a wink!..

I stripped of,entered the shower,& washed myself off.My cock was quite hard by the time i washed it,& i could'nt help wanking it slightly,visioning the images i had just seen.I took my time in the shower,about 15 mins.I always like to shower twice,so that i get clean,& make my skin smell of the perfumes from the soap & shower gels,etc.

I had just finished,turned off the water,& cleared my face,only to notice that my friend was standing at the door of the bathroom.She made a comment about being there for a couple of minutes,& that she had been watching me wanking my cock."I hope that you were thinking about something nice when you were wanking that!?",& gave a giggle & a reassuring wink to me,as she moved towards me.

Walking up to me,she began to open her bathrobe,exposing her ample tits,& a beautiful shaved pussy area,as she did.My eyes were fixed on her body,taking in every wonderful curve.Her tits were about average size,but she had very LONG nipples,which i love.They were starting to stiffen,as was my cock,as i looked at her.Her pussy was perfectly centered in her round hips,& between two silkysoft thighs,that ran & ran,into perfectly shaped legs,& well manicured feet,my favorite fetish!..

On reaching me,her hand moved to my cock,as her lips met mine in a passionate kiss.Her lips were so soft,& her tongue felt like velvet as it darted slowly,& softly into my mouth.We kissed so softly,i just did'nt want to stop.(I LOVE kissing)

Her fingers circled around my cock,& balls,urging it to grow in her hands,to almost full erection.My arms encircled her smooth & silky body,as i held her close.Her skin felt so wonderfully soft in my hands,as i began to kiss her neck,& earlobes,which i know she like.

Running my fingers through her silky hair,my kisses became more intense,as i licked & gently sucked at her skin.My lips caressing her skin ,& tongue flicking across her shoulders,& down to her now full & heaving tits.As i lowered her onto the side of the bath,i began to kneel in front of her,taking her tits in my hands,& kissing them all around.My lips kisses & caressed her skin,taking in ALL of her wonderful tits,& then finding her,now FULLY erect & tingling nipples.

I heard her gasp as my lips enclosed around her nipples,& i sucked them softly,in turn one to the other.My hands continue to caress her tits,as i squeeze them & almost try to milk them,as i suck on them.With her head thrown back,she gasps aloud,& moans under my ministrations.I'm loving,it as much as she seems to be,& my cock begings to grow again,this time aching & tingling even more.

After a while,i hear her through her moans,as she asks me to lick her out,pushing my head away & looking deep into my eyes.I respond by kissing my way down across her tummy,as i take position between her silky thighs,as she opens her legs even wider allowing me access to her delicious looking pussy,which is now in full flow,& dripping wet in anticipation,of my mouth paying it attention.

I take a minute or two to admire how beautiful it looks,saying how wet it is,as i begin to probe it with my finger.She gasps again as my finger glances over the tip of her clit,as i move lower & lower towards her pussy.I bring my finger to my lips,& suck on it,tasting her pussy juices from tastes so sweet,& i just HAVE to dine on this honey-pot of a pussy!

I kiss my way closer & closer to her pussy,as i hear her moan louder,as my fingers explore her deeper & deeper.Pulling her pussy lips appart,i begin to use the tip of my tongue only,to lick the folds of her outer vulva.

"GOD! tastes SO good!"...i think to myself,as my tongue searches her pussy,as her juices coat my taste-buds,ugring me to devour her even more

Slowly & deeply,i lick her pussy,fully,from bottom to top,inside & out.My tongue flicks over the throbbing bud of her pea-sized clit,making her moan out loud as i go.

Her fingers move down to pull her pussy lips wider appart to allow my tongue deeper access,as my hands move around to her bum,clasping her ass-cheeks tightly,as i begin to devour her pussy with increasing pressure,& vigor,enhtusiastically wnating to taste this sexy woman juices ALL over my mouth & tongue.

Faster & deeper,i begin to lick her to a frenzy!
My tongue darting all over the place,my lips sucking on her lips & clit as i go.I GORGE on her pussy,as i just cannot get enough of her juices,& taste.She looks so sexy from where i am,her nipples jutting out fully,& begging for attention.I move one of my hands to them & pinch them,making her gasp aloud yet again.

I can feel her orgasm building,as i lash her pussy with my probing tongue,& tweak her nipples between my finger & thumb.

Faster,& faster,Deeper,& deeper,i lick & lick.Her hips rise & fall now in unison to my mouths assault on her pussy.Her gasps get more frequent,& her moans get louder.I finally encompass her pussy fully with my mouth & moan loudly,vibratiing my mouth around her,probing her with my tongue,& sucking hard on her clit.

Then...thats it!.....Suddenly she stiffens,before wave upon wave of convulsions take over her body.Her hips undulate,as she quivers almost incontrolably,as her orgasm sweeps over her.I lock my mouth in position,as i have my tongue deep inside her feeling her pussy quiver around it,& her juices flowing over it freely,as she cums."I LOVE IT!...I LOVE IT!!!..i think in my mind as i see how sexy she looks as she cum on my mouth.

Afterwards,having calmed down a bit,she thanks me for what i've done,saying that it had been so long since she felt that.I said,no worries,it was my pleasure too,giving her a wink.

We finished off the evening,with her sucking my cock,to completion,& me fucking her hard,long & fast.I also went another two times for a wonderful dining experience,giving her head again & again.As i said in the title,i just could'nt get enough of her delicious pussy.

& i'll make sure to be back for more in a few more weeks time!....

Has that ever happened to any of you?Have you ever had an unexpected,pleasurable experience like that?

I'd love to hear about it!..

Thanks,& have a great day!



"Always remember...keep smiling!"



rm_cutechubby8 46F
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7/21/2006 1:21 am

WOW, that really was hot, really got my pussy tingly all over. Makes me quite jealous - the irish DO have all the luck.


HBowt2 59F

7/21/2006 3:06 am

now you got me all hot and bothered for the day....

countryheart_71 45F
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7/21/2006 5:42 am

I can't say that I have had that happen. I am definitely missing out! I could definitely use a lashing now.


moonlightphoenix 45F
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7/21/2006 10:45 am

DAMN!! I think I just did.


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