Women's Sexy toes.....foot fetish....  

daighi 49M
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7/10/2006 10:05 am

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Women's Sexy toes.....foot fetish....

Hi there,thanks for dropping in.

I have to admit that i have a slight fetish for women with attractive feet & toes.

I love looking at,as well as kissing,licking & sucking on,well manicured womens toes.

I appreciate the fact that women take so long to make their toes look well,& some are often quite inventive,by using different things to decorate them.

You feet don't have to be dainty,or even perfectly shaped,but they need to be clean & presentable to get my appreciation.

To me,well manicured feet & hands on a woman,means that she takes pride in her appearance,& looks after herself well.

I love the way women accessorise their toes with toe-rings,& beads etc.It shows that she has imagination,& an arty side to her personality.

You can tell alot by looking at a woman's feet.

In ancient Japan,large feet were considered ugly.That is why Geisha women's feet were often binded & tied,so as to stint their growth,hence they became known for their little shuffle when they walk.

I myself don't think that large feet are ugly,so long as your have them clean,i'm happy.

I often get excited at even just looking at a sexy,curvy ankle,as it stems from the leg.Slingback shoes,or shoes with no back in them,like clogs,are some of my favorites.

I'm still a sucker(Pun intended),for the high heeled diva.I just think that they look SO attractive on a woman,& accentuate her legs perfectly.

Ladies,Do you like your partner/s to lick & suck on your toes?

Do you ever give foot massages to your partner/s?

& lastly,What do you think of your partner/s feet,
would you consider sucking on his/her toes during sex,or sensual play?

I'm very interested to know,so please share your thoughts.

Hugs & kisses to your toes...lol


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



moonlightphoenix 45F
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7/10/2006 11:27 am

The Foot Thing

I hope you dont' mind me posting the link to my post here, since you inspired it (as well as a guy who emailed me this morning and started off by saying "Since you seem to have a foot fetish...").

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