Warm hands...Delicate fingers..mmmm!..part #1  

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Warm hands...Delicate fingers..mmmm!..part #1

"Hi Honey...boy what a day it has been!...I ache ALL over...I need a bath & a good massage!"..I hear you say as you come in from the world.

I run the bath for you,putting some of your favorite lotions in the water to give your body that lift it needs.

Leaving you to soak for a while,i prepare a light cold for you,& bring it up to the comforts of our beautiful warm-heated bedroom.

I prepare the room for you laying out your favorite fluffy dressing gown,soft towels to dry with,& all your favorite body lotions to apply to your silky skin.Including your favorite massage oil perfumed to perfection in calming Lavander.

On returning to the bathroom i stand by the doorway & observe you lying there with your head back & eyes closed as you relax in your own world.

My eyes wander over the softness of your curves.I look at your beautiful face,tracing the contours of your cheekbones & nose,down to your full & sensual soft lips.

I notice your nostrils flare slightly as you let out a calming sigh,as you lavish in the pleasure the hot water & lotions are doing to your weary body,now losing all the strains & worries of the day.

My eyes move down to you breasts that pivot just above & below the water-line.I watch as you raise your arm & wash your upper body,gently carressing your hand over your silky shoulders,upper arm,& then over your breasts.

Keeping your eyes closed,you repeat the very same with your other arm & hand.This time however,you decide to stop at your nipples,& begin to tweak them between your thumb & index finger.Moving from one to the other,i watch,as you gently pull on your nipples,arousing them to full erection.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I hear you whimper lowly & softly as you are aroused by you ministrations.

My cock grows hard underneath my robe,as i watch this sexy scenario.I wonder if you know tha i'm here,looking at you.I see you lips turn upwardly,as you give a little wry smile.I'm sure you know that i'm there,but you don't let on!

I continue to watch intently as i see you begin to wash your hands over your smooth,sexy body,teasing,& tantilising yourself as you go.

Ever so slowly,your hands move between your curvy thighs & nestle between your silky legs,& find the hot sensual feminine part of your anatomy.

I hear you gasp out louder as your fingers obviously hit the right spot.You part your legs more,allowing you even more access to the depths of your being,& to the sexy folds of your arousing pussy lips.

My eyes are locked on this very sexy sight,as i watch you run your delicate fingers up & down,slowly & provocotively,over your parting pussy lips,clearly engorged now as your pleasure grows in it's intensity.

I'm standing there still,eyes fixated,wanking my cock softly,making myself hard.My cock grows with each stroke,inch by sexy inch,to full erectness.My bulbous cockhead now throbbing,& pulsating in my hand.I watch,& listen as your mouth opens slightly,releasing those sexy sounds of your moans to my ears.You gasp out loud as your fingers dance their way around your clit & vulva.

I gulp now,as i watch ever so closely,as you push one,then two,& then three of your fingers between your legs & deep into your HOT SEX.Slowly & gently
you begin to move them in & out of your pussy,
going deeper & deeper,with every stroke of your hand.

Your hips begin to rise & fall as you match the rythmn of your thrusting fingers.In & out...in & out...faster & faster...your fingers plunge,as your orgasm nears.Your breathing grows more erratic as you begin to pant,deeper & faster stil.
Your moans grow louder & louder,as you bite your lower lips to try to curb your cries of pleasure.

Usless to resist now,your body responds to your touch.You nipples peak,a red glow comes over your neck & breasts,a sure sign give away that your nearing your pinnacle of pleasure.

I stand closer to you now,watching intently,& wanking my cock harder & faster in tandom to your fingers.Your eyes suddenly open as you become aware of my presence.Rather than jump in shock,you smile as you tell me gasping..." I knew that you were there...I hope that your enjoying the view?"

You eyes fix on my hand as you watch it glide over my cock,stroking it harder & faster,matching your speed.Your pace quickens,your rubbing gets harder,as you concentrate your strokes on your engorged clit.Your moans grow louder as your fingers become a blur,running over & over your clit.You just have time to speak the words..."Cum for me baby...spurt your cum over my tits!"before
You finally cry out in pleasure..."OH...I'm Cumming honey...oooohh....ahhhhhh....mmmmmmm

Wave upon wave of pleasure moves over you body,as your orgasm takes hold.Your body writhes,& shudders as it sweeps over you.Your moans arousing me,& bringing my to my own pinnacle.My hand works it's magic,& i begin to cum,shooting spurt after spurt of my salty cum over your heaving breasts,& undulating torso.

I scream out your name as i cum hard & long,sending wave after wave of cum onto your sexy silky skin..."Ahhh babbbyy....i'm Cummmmiiinnngggg too!....Ahhhh....
mmmmmmmhhh....!"Oh holy shit!...I can't seem to stop....there's SO much cum from my cock,i almost cover your entire breasts.

Smiling as you watch me cum,i hear you say.."Oh yeah baby... i LOVE it!....Give me all of your cum....yeeeaahhhh!!!!"Your hands move to rub my cum into your breasts & nipples,as you look up into my eyes & laugh out loud...."Thats was nice baby...now let me clean off...& you can give
me that sexy massage you promised me!" ..giving me one of your sexy winks as you say it.

After cleaning my cock with some water,& a towel,i leave you to relax some more in your bath,as you continue to clean my cum from your skin.I hear you humming your favorite tune as you bathe,while i finish preparing the room for the next part of the night.

It's only just begun....& there's alot more to come!.....Stay tuned for part #2.

Hugs & sensual kisses,


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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