Tourettes Syndrome.....  

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Tourettes Syndrome.....

Hi there,

Thanks to BB7 this year,Tourettes Syndrome has been brought out into the real world,& shown for what it is...a harmless nervous disorder.

Pete,one of the contestants on BB7 this year has TS,& is also one of the nicest guys you would EVER want to meet.

Tourettes Syndrome,for those of you who may not have heard of it,is a nervous disorder,where the sufferer has a series of nervous twitches & ticks,& also CAN often use expleatives during a conversation,or just out of the blue.

It has therefore been seen as an anti-social disorder,& many sufferers are shy & reserved about being around other people.

Most people react shocked by it if they don't know that the person suffers from Tourettes,& think that they are cursing AT them,or calling them names,etc.

I have to commend Pete for bringing Tourettes into the light,& making us all aware of it,& making us understand it more,as a society.WELL DONE PETE!!!

Have any of you met anyone with Tourettes,& how did you react to them?

Do you think that WE as a society are becoming more tollerant/accepting of people who suffer from disorders like Tourettes?

OR...Do you think that we need to educate ourselves MORE about these types of disorders,so that we BECOME more tollerant/accepting of them?

I'm VERY interested to know YOUR points of view on this,so please share them,thanks.

Thanks also for taking the time to visit,& read my blog,it's SO appreciated!



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