TEASE before PLEASE....!!!  

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5/23/2005 7:57 am

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TEASE before PLEASE....!!!

Hi there again,

Today,i thought i'd share with you my thoughts on FOREPLAY,& it's importance!

Now you may be amazed to know that YES,in fact there IS a guy who knows ALOT about forplay...lol,& it's importance within sexual relations.

I know that for some of us guys,& for some women too,the idea of FOREPLAY is ..."honey,brace yourself!"..lol.But in the real world that should NOT be!It should be GOOD,SENSUAL,& not only a means to an end!

I put it like that because,i believe that sex is NOT all about penetration,& some times it does'nt even have to come into the equation.FOREPLAY,if done properly,can be fulfilling in itself.

To me foreplay can happen at any time,from the mildest of flirtations,to the actual physical act.
Foreplay should'nt be a 2/3 min rub down,then straight into it,neither should it be an ardous task for either party.There should be a delicate balance.Enough to excite your lover,prepare his/her body for the next inevitable step,but not for as long as for him/her to loose interest in what you are doing,& give up gracefully!

The title of this blog refers to how i see FOREPLAY being in a normal sexual relationship.
There should be ALOT of TEASE,before the eventual PLEASE!

FOREPLAY can take many forms,alot of them i'm sure you know.I think that the mind is the greatest sexual tool that we have.Making your partner envisage your sex play,with a few well chosen sexy words,can really set the fire burning.
A simple call OR text during the day,OR a little suggestive email,can work wonders to set the mood for later.

I love the more sensual side to FOREPLAY.When i'm with a partner,i love to take the stresses of the day away with a nice hot bath/shower,followed by i nice slow & sensual massage.

When giving a massage,the key is NOT to go for the obvious areas of your partner/s body.This relaxes them first,& you will find that their body
will become MORE receptive to your touch later.Use slow & firm,not hard,strokes with your hands.Having covered the whole body with your hands,now do it with your tongue.Slow & featherlite touches all over their body,take time to kiss some areas,& suck & GENTLY bite some others.Spend some time doing this,before you touch the more intimate parts of their body.

Don't be afraid to use soft materials,feathers,& blindfolds,to enhance the sensations of what you are doing.Whisper softly into your partners ears,soft comforting words,of how you love their body,& ask them for their responses to what you are doing.This shows that you are taking an interest in their pleasure,& will make them more responsive to you.

The next stage of FOREPLAY,is the TEASE stage.At leaset that's what I call it!

When your partner shows signs of full arousal,only then should you touch their more intimate parts.Start by lighly gliding your fingers/tongue over the surrounding areas,gradually moving closer to wherever you want to be.

For me,I normally start at my partners nipples.I tend to flick them with my tongue,swirling my tongue around the Aerole,& sucking them into my mouth.This normally gets a good reaction.

Guys,don't forget the whole breast,some of us tend to just go for the nipple,but the breast is full of nerves,& just begs to be touched!
If you then combine this with running your fingers over her labia loosely,taking care NOT ot touch the clitoris just yet,that should really set her fires alight!!..

Similarly,ladies,don't always go for the head of his penis,stroke his balls,& shaft,& that little part above his anus.....bliss!!!!

After all this attention,your partner should be ready for the next level.

Oral sex,I feel,should be part & parcel of good FOREPLAY.It's the ultimate acceptance of your partner,& the most intimate of acts,i believe,in sex.

It's so good when it's done right,& should always be the last step in FOREPLAY.Of course this is my view only,but i feel that good oral,leads to more intense orgasms later,in the main event!..lol

Take your time at first linger in the moment,use you mouth to it's fullest.Licking,sucking,kissing,
& (if your partner,likes it),biting, should all be part of your FOREPLAY now.

Bring your partner to the brink,then slow down.Move away from their genitials for a couple of minutes,kiss them on the lips,or suck their nipples again.TEASE their minds,& their body.See the lust in their eyes as they want you.

After a few minutes more,return to your oral ministrations,& bring them to the brink once more then slow down again.Believe me,by this time,your partner will be climbing the walls,almost begging you to make them cum.

It's at that stage,where FOREPLAY becomes something more!

Do you give them the release that they crave,Or do you penetrate them or be penetrated?

For me,I mostly give them release.By bringing my partner to orgasm now,I know that when we do have full sex that it will be better for both of us.As we are BOTH in a heightened state of arousal by now,it will be easier for both to enjoy the pleasures we both give & receive.Our orgasms will be greater & more frequent...mmmmmmmm!!!..lol

Believe Me...FOREPLAY is an essential part of your sex life.Miss it at your peril..!!If you don't include GOOD FOREPLAY in your sex lives,

Enjoy it...I know i will!!


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



1playfulgal 39F
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5/28/2005 9:26 am

yes definitley...a man that gets it...plus for me and i imagine for others as well, foreplay makes it much easier to orgasm during sex...

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