Pivotal Moments.....  

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7/18/2006 1:10 pm

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Pivotal Moments.....

Hi there thanks for dropping in,

I don't know about you guys,but i have been finding it hard to sleep these last few nights.

Although i'm here in Dublin,i may as well be on holidays in the Costa Del Sol,or Cyprus.It is SO hot here,& very humid at night.

Thats not the subject of this post however.

As i have been lying awake,i have begun to think of things that have happened to me in the past.

People i have met..things i have done,or have done to me...places i have seen...& things that have happened to me...both good or bad.

"These are the things that have moulded me into the person that i am today"!

There have been SO many pivotal moments in my life that to list them here would take such a long time.However,i thought that i'd share just SOME of them with you in this post.

There may be some things in the list that you find you can relate to,as i feel that we are alot similar than most people think.We all have similar things that happen in our lives,but we also have things that differ,& it's THOSE pivotal moments,that are the difference between us.

So,in NO order of preference here they are.....

The day i was born...31/05/1967 for obvious reasons,but also 7 weeks later,because that was when i was adopted by my "new" parents.I believe that i was taken home in a white stretched Limo for the occasion.(My parents were'nt rich,but there IS a reason for this)

When i turned 6 i joined the "Cubs",part of the Scout movement.I stayed in the Scouting movement for 25 years,becoming a leader which gave me the chance to "give something back to the community" in return.

At the age of 16,i started to socialise in town,with my friends.We went to a non-alcoholic Disco called The Apartment Club.it was there that i met my first girlfriend,who also became the first lady i had sex with.We got engaged,but i finished it soon after,as i thought i was too young to get married.(Bad move on my part.She is now married,with three wonderful children,& a nice home etc.I'm stiil single & looking)I'm glad that she found happiness,& i wish her good luck always!

In 1993,& at the age of 27,i met her....the woman that changed my life forever,& ladies you have HER to thank for the way i am sexually today.We were together for 2 years,6 months,& 3 days.In that time this lady opened up a whole new world of sex for me.She was 11 years my senior,& a very sexy,sensual loving woman.She taught me how to appreciate sex more,how to study her body,& look for the signs,& introduced me to one or two kinks that i enjoy today with some of my partners..

I just want to say at this point,which is VERY important to YOU reading this.

"I NEVER compare my lovers to those who have gone before,including the lady described above.Every lover is different,& has their OWN unique qualities.I love my partners for who they are & i enjoy them just as much!..I enjoy the individual qualities of their minds & bodies combined.

1996 is a pivotal year,because something happened to me that was to change my whole outlook on life totally.On 29th of July 1996,i was in a major car accident,head-on with a truck.I spent three & a half weeks in hospital,three months at home,& almost the following 18 months in recouperation.
During that time i did suffer P.T.S.D. but did'nt know i had it until april 1997.By that time,a relationship that will remain part of my life forever,began & ended,in a whirlwind romance.

November 1997,my daughter was born.Stemming from the relationship i indicated above,this again,was to change my life & how i think about it.There have been different developments over the years from this date.If i get to know you better i will share some of these with you in time.There are afew things which i think we should keep out of blogs,& retain to ourselves.

2000 was a MAJOR year in my life.Many things happened in that year which will stay with me for the rest of my life.That was the year that i visited the US for the first time.I went to Orlando,Floria & New York City,& enjoyed myself emmensely.Standing "On Top Of The World" in the North Tower of the WTC,was the highlight of the trip for me.I hav'nt been back since then,but i wil go back soon to see the hole that has been left after 9/11/2001.

2000 was also the time that i began my search for my birth mother.Laws had changed in Ireland by then that allowed adoptee's to retrieve information about themselves,& their origins.I felt that i just HAD to do it,so i sat down with my parents & family,& told of my decision to search.

I'm so glad to tell you that in october of that year,after 33 years,i finally met my birth mother,& my siblings.We are still in contact with each other to this day.We go on holidays together,& i feel "Whole" now for the first time in my life.

As i said,these are just SOME of the moments in my past,that i consider PIVOTAL.There are lots of other times that i could mention,but i think i've covered the main ones for now.

Do YOU have any pivotal moments that you feel changed your life,& made you into the person that you are today?

I'm just interested to know your views,& ask you to maybe share one or two things with us.

Thanks for your time in visiting my blog & to taking an interest.

Have a good evening,keep smiling,& have fun!



"Always remember...keep smiling!"



joengl2 40

7/18/2006 2:10 pm

Four years with a man who wouldnt let me out on my own eradicated by four hours I spent with a man I met the one night he did.

I loved the man I spent the four hours with more in that short time, than the man who'd controlled my life - sometimes it takes something special to shape your future.

I found my moment, I hope everybody else finds theirs.

BaronessK 52F

7/18/2006 2:55 pm

When I was 7 I remember standing in front of a huge desk where an officer sat telling my mother that I must have done something to 'lead the old man on' {my stepfather}. My mother never then or ever afterwards took up for me or in any way acknowledged that her husband molested me and that it was not my fault. I learned that day to speak up for myself, and to fight my own battles...because mother sure as hell wasn't going to do a damn thing.

When I was 20 I got married...at the wrong time to the wrong person; but I was determined to make it 'work'...which ended when I served him with divorce papers on our 10th anniversary. I have never looked back {and couldn't really, in fact, since there are so few times worth looking back on with him.} When I was 23 and 26 I had my 2 sons; pretty self-explanatory, except that I wish they had had a different sperm donor, of course. When my oldest son was barely past 3 months old my Daddy died; much too soon, regardless, but more so for a Daddy's Girl.

The death of my second husband was a mental blow; I dealt with it, but that's not the point. In no way is anyone ever compared to him {because each person is an individual}, but I miss him {more at certain times}. I miss what we had, in it's entirety, although I still love him just as much.

Meeting J, and then his repeated 'sabbaticals' away from me, our relationship, etcetera...I don't know the effect...yet. As of now, we are not dating, being what was meant to be a FWB, nothing. Who knows. There are more 'things'...but I am so going to be late for work! Later....

moonlightphoenix 45F
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7/18/2006 3:19 pm

Deep, deep, deep stuff. Thank you sooo much for sharing and letting us in.

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