Our first meet....Our first Kiss!  

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5/18/2005 5:01 pm

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Our first meet....Our first Kiss!

Did you ever get talking to someone,first by email,then by phone,& know that when you first meet,that it's going to go well..because it just feels right?

Well,thats what happened to me today.We had been chatting for about three maybe four months up to now.Alot of dialogue had been said,laughter,Jokes,
Some sexy talk,but always with respect & fun.

Getting to know some one can be the hardest thing in the world,if the other person is not willing to share.But when you have a connection,a bond begins to grow.Whatever level you connect on,it can all start from there if you allow it.

From that bond grows an intimacy that can be so intense,when it eventually comes to you,there's nothing quite like it.

Having laid the foundations over time,today was the time to begin to build on the blocks of our friendship,& cement what we had achieved up to now.

We were not disappointed.After,some light lunch,& some stimulating conversation,we just knew that it felt right.Our eyes met,we seemed to see into each other's soul.As we talked,i sat intently,listening to her soft voice,feeling her gentle caresses along my arm as her perfectly manicured nails grazed over my skin.I felt it was time for the first kiss.

I moved closer,ran my fingers lightly across her face,then through her silky hair.Pulling her to me gently,our lips met for the first time.Her lips we full and oh so soft,lightly moisted,& perfectly formed.We kissed softly,with the gentlest of pressure,lips slightly appart so as to allow our tongues to touch for the first time.It was a long & lingering kiss,just perfect for the moment.Eventually we separated,looked into each others eyes & smiled...yes,we knew it was going to be this good!Again we locked our lips together,only this time more passionately.

As our passion consumes us,we begin to kiss each other about the neck & shoulders.Our tongues flick ever so lightly against the others skin,teasing,stroking the fires that lie within.
Holding her head in my hands,I kiss her face.Gentle featherlite kisses all around her face.Her forehead,cheeks,eyes,nose,ears,chin,& lastly her lips,are covered by my soft lips.I can feel our passion grow.We want more....

I caress her body,lightly through her clothing,running my fingers over the curves of her body.Teasing her,as she uses her nails on me,doing the same.Our passion heightens,& our kissing becomes even more intense.By now we are in the throws of a full & passionate embrace,mouths locked,tongues searching,Hands caressing.Our breathing gets heavier,& my heart begins to beat faster.God,I want this woman,& it's clear that she wants me...at last a true connection,a passionate soul,meets a passionate soul.Our first meet,our first kiss....Is Bliss!!!!

As our kissing intensifies we break,if even for a moment,to take it all in.The moments we have shared up to then,the laughs,the smiles,the caring & the sharing,had now culminated in....

......A wonderful Kiss!!!

D. X

"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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