Ode...to a lover/close friend...  

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7/22/2006 12:51 pm

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Ode...to a lover/close friend...

Here's a challenge for you all...Well..more of a "dare" really!

"Ode To You"

"Have i told you lately...that i love you?

Have i told you how much i care?

If i hav'nt then i'm sorry but,

the busy lives we lead each day,

sometimes mean that we've so little time

to say all the things we want to say.

Things like.."I Really Love You"

For making my dreams come through

& for making me so happy...

with the wonderful things you do."

from ME to YOU..."I LOVE YOU!!!"

By all means take this & use it!

Send it TODAY to someone that you feel close to, OR to someone you love,& say how you feel.This can be someone special in your life,OR just someone that you just like for who they are.

Then come back & tell me that you posted it,so i can give you a special hug...((((YOU)))) & a smile!..

If you wish to name the recipient,then i'll hug them too!..lol..

"Lets spread the LOVE today!"



"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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