MY top 10 Babes......  

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MY top 10 Babes......

Hi there,thanks for dropping in.

Now that Star Trek has finally finished & is to be NO hoo!...I thought that it would be nice to look back & remember some of the sexy Ladies that have graced our T.V. screens over the last 37 years.

So here are MY top 10 of whom i consider to be THE sexiest Women in the Star Trek universe.

Those of you that are keen Trekies,will know them instantly.Those of you that are not...well trust me,they ARE ALL very sexy indeed.

It's just a bit of fun!

Feel free to add your own list if you think someone else should be there.We are all different,& have different tastes,so add whom ever you like instead.

Live Long & Prosper!!


10...Name: Number 1,played by Majel Barret.She was second in command to Capt Christopher pike on the Enterprise Ncc-1701,before it's taken over by Capt James Tiberius Kirk.First seen in the Pilot episode of S/T called "The Cage"

Interesting Facts: Majel Barret went on to become the computor voice of S/T episodes since TNG..(The Next Generation).She also played the role of Lwaxana Troi,the mother of Counselor Deanna Troi,both from the planet Betazed.They were telepath's meaning that they could read people's thoughts & emotion's.Majel also married the founder Gene Rodenberry,remaining his wife until his death in the 90's.

Sexiness on a scale of 1 - 10.....7

9...Name: Lieutenant Uhura,played by Nichelle Nichols.She served aboard Enterprise Ncc-1701 under Capt J.T Kirk as his communication's officer.First seen in the episode "The Corbonite Maneuver" on TOS..(the Original series).

Interesting Facts: Nichelle Nichols was the first "Coloured" African American to feature in a long running T.V. series.She became a pioneer to all of those that followed.It was virtually unknown in the 60's to have "a Coloured woman" on T.V. in a leading role,so it was ground breaking news at the time.She was most famous for wearing very short tunics that left very little to the imagination,& for playing the harp.She also danced naked on Nimbus 3 to distract some guards,& she loved to sing.

Sexiness on a scale of 1 - 10.......7

8...Name: Capt Kathryn Janeway,played by Kate Mulgrew.She was the Captain of the starship Voyager.First seen in the episode "Caretaker",the pilot episode of the Star Trek franchise series Voyager.

Interesting Facts: Iconic in her own right as the Capt of the most advanced ship of it's time.It got stranded in the Delta Quadrant of our solar system.With the help of the Holodecks Kate played a number of roles within the narrative of so many different episodes.Most notably,"Arachnia Queen of the spider people",A Klingon warrior,Katrine a cafe owner,Lucy an 18th century maid,& Katie an Irish colleen in the epsiode called "Fairhaven"
She also became a "borg" in later episdoes.She had a romance with many men in her time as Captain,but always,her professionalism would prevail,& she remained single through out Voyagers 7 year journey.

Sexiness scale from 1 - 10.....7.5

7...Name: Kes,played by Jennifer Lien.Kes was an Ocampan from the Delta Quadrant.First seen in the Pilot episode of Voyager "Caretaker".

Interesting Facts: A very sexy lady indeed.Jennifer played this role very well.She had Telekinetic powers posessed by most Ocampan's,however once detected in her,they eventually lead to her demise,as she supposedly evolves to a higher form of existance,outside the normal realms of our space.Ocampan's have a very short life span as we would know it,therefore she disappears from our screens in the fifth year of Voyager,later to return for two episodes in season 7.She has Multiple relationships with the crew of Voyager & with some aliens too.She is posessed by a spirit called Tieran,that turns her into a VERY sexy/raunchy leather-clad nymphette,that has a sadistic side to her
She plays the assistant to the Holo-Doctor,but as she is mostly going through "Puberty" in the series,she IS by far the most sexually active of the women in Voyager.

Sexiness on a scale of 1 - 10...8.5

6...Name: Melora Pazlar,played by Avery Brooks.She was the VERY attractive Elaysian Starfleet Officer that came to DS9,(Deep Space 9) in the very first season.First & last seen in "Melora".

Interesting Facts: Melora was a beautiful Elaysian woman that was wheelchair bound because of the difference in Gravity between her planet Elay & normal space.She could not walk unaided,& had to have her room altered to a lower Gravity environment in order for her to walk normally.She fell in love with DS9's Doctor Julian Bashir while he helped her try to adapt to a normal Gravity Environment.However,her homesickness won out in the end,& she returned home to her planet.
She worked in "Stellar-Cartography" where she mapped the universe as it became known to Starfleet.She was a "BABE"!

Sexiness on a scale of 1 - 10...8.5

5...Name: B'Elanna Torres,played by Roxanne Dawson.She was a half human,half klingon woman that served as Chief Engineer aboard the Starship Voyager.First seen in the pilot episode of Voyager "Caretaker".

Interesting Facts: She was a feisty woman,with a short temper.However with that she was extremely sexy in her Romances with some of the Voyager crew.Most notably with Tom Paris,whom she would eventually marry.She was very efficient,stubburn,
but yet,very passionate about things.She became vunerable when she lost her Klingon DNA,& was always in conflict with her Klingon side of her nature.She would "bite" her lover to initiate sex,as was the Klingon way,& you would come away "bruised" after a session with her.Although we don't really see that side of her,she IS supposed to be "Wild" in bed.

(My kind of

Sexiness on a scale of 1 - 10...8.5

4...Name: Jadzia Dax,played by TWO equally beautiful women,so it's almost impossible to separate them,just like in DS9.First played by my favorite of the two Terry Farrell,then by Nicole De Boer.
For this chart i'll pick Terry Farrell.She worked as a Science Officer aboard DS9 (Deep Space 9)First seen in the pilot episode of DS9 "Emissary"

Interesting Facts: Jadzia Dax was a "Joined" Trill.She lived in Symbiosis and was a "Host" to a "symbiant",that lived inside her abdomen.Her name is Jadzia,but her symbiant's name was Dax,hence the name.She was fun-loving,sexy lady,that just loved to play.Her smile lit up the screen,& those spots on her face & body were VERY sexy indeed.She had a few romances onscreen,but her most famous one was with Worf,whom she eventually married.Her sexiest,of her many sexy moments,was when she went back in time to Kirk's Enterprise in the episode"Trials & Tribblation's.
She had to wear on of those skimpy tunics worn by the women in that time.Man did she look great in that!She was VERY passionate & so sexy to look at onscreen.

Sexiness on a scale of 1 - 10...8.75

Equal 3...Too hard to separate these two as they BOTH have very special qualities.

Name: Deanna Troi,played by Marina Sirtis,& Doctor Beverly Crusher,played by Gates Mc Fadden.Deanna was a Betazoid Counselor on the Enterprise Ncc-1701-D,& Dr:Beverly Crusher was the chief Medical Officer aboard the same ship.Both under the command of Capt Jean Luc Picard.First seen on the pilot episode of TNG (The Next Generation)"Encounter at Farpoint".

Interesting Facts: It was so good to have,not one,but two sexy ladies appear on the same show as part of the main cast.They both had numerous romantic encounters,& BOTH would set my pulse racing in various episodes.These two beautiful women were a joy to watch.Especially Deanna Troi.
She just oosed sex appeal,with that beautiful smile & those dark Greek eyes.There are So many sexy moments to choose from,too many to write here.My most favorite being the scene with the two of them excercising in the gym.They were talking about some of the men that they fancied while stretching & limbering up.On of the most erotic scene's in Star Trek's history
Beverly,always had a past attraction for Capt Jean Luc Picard.It was always ever present in the background,but never really manifested itself in it's true state.We were always left wondering if they would ever get together,which we don't actually see until the very last episode,"All good Things",when we find out that they did in fact marry in an alternative universe.
Deanna had the same type of history with Commander Riker,which often cropped up in the stories,& made for some of the hottest onscreen kisses ever shown in Star Trek.

Sexiness on a scale of 1 - 10...a joint 9.

2...Name:T'pol,played by Jolene Blalock.She plays a Vulcan Science Officer on the most recent Star Trek Enterprise,under the Command of Capt Johnathon Archer.First seen on the pilot episode of Enterprise "Broken Bow"

Interesting Facts: T'pol was the first Vulcan Science Officer to be in Star-fleet.She served on the Enterprise NX-01.Her uniform was a very sexy & clingy Jump-suit,which left very little to the imagination.Her "pout" was her trademark,& she was the first Vulcan woman to have sexual relation's with a Human male,her crewmate,Lieutenant Charles Tucker,the Chief Engineer.One of her sexiest scenes was very early on in the first season,when she had to cover her body in a de-contamination gel.It was the first time that we saw Nude breasts in Star Trek.She had an on-going romance with Tucker,& even had a baby cloned with their DNA in the last series.The baby died sadly,as did their romance.Tucker died also in the very last epsiode on Enterprise,screened only this tuesday here in Ireland.She was a babe,with a body to match,& will sorely be missed by all the million's who watched her.

Sexiness on a scale of 1 - 10...9.5

and now for MY ultimate Star Trek Babe...The one who just did it for me every time!I never tire of watching her & i think that she was one of the most sexiest women to appear on T.V. never mind Star Trek!

1...Name: Seven of Nine,played by Jeri Ryan.She was a human child,captured by the Borg,& evolved into a stunning woman in EVERY way!She was saved by the crew of Voyager,& became a Science Officer aboard the Starship Voyager,under the command of Capt Kathryn Janeway.First seen on the episode named "Scorpion part 2".

Interesting Facts: Captured as a child by the Borg,she matured into an adult very quickly.When freed from them,she had to wear this "second skin" outfit,which helped her skin heal from all the wounds she had recieved from her Borg implants.Everything about this woman is sexy!She was THE most beautiful woman,in MY mind EVER to appear on Star trek.Her flowing blonde hair,often tied back in a bun,Her sensous lips,Her AMAZING figure accentuated by that figure-hugging outfit.
She had a body to die for!Her curves are LEGENDARY,She had THE BEST ASS in the whole of Star-fleet,no doubt about that.No red-blooded male on this planet can resist the charms of this Goddess of the screen.If you can,then you must be made of stone.She has a couple of onscreen romances,that set my pulse racing even more.But i have to say that SEVEN OF NINE really was the SEXIEST woman on Star Trek...NO question!

Sexiness rating on a scale of 1 - 10...10+ if that was possible.

If you don't believe me,then rent out any Voyager dvd from the last series #7 & you will see what i mean.If she does'nt get your pulse's racing faster
& she does absolutely NOTHING for your libido,them you ain't human,as she's literally..
"Out of this World!!!"

Thanks for reading,add more if you want,but i'm sure that you will agree with most i have put here.Happy viewing!

"Live Long & Prosper!"

Dave XX

"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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