I got a text.........  

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8/6/2006 4:27 am

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I got a text.........

on Friday evening just gone.It was from another friend of mine whom i had been close with over a good period of time.

In it it said..."Hi,wot ar u doin 2nite?...i'd like sum company,do u wanna cum over & jus chill?"

followed by..."I've got my monthly's tho sori,but we can watch sum dvd's,if thats ok,wud really like 2 c u!"

How could i refuse a text like that...so i went over a couple of hours later.I text her back & said no probs,i'll see you in three!!..lol

So,showered & shaved,with my new shirt on,& my D & G splashed here & there,i set off to her flat.
Grabbed a bottle of wine & a Diet coke with a few snacks on the way,i got to her flat in record time.I knocked at the door & waited patiently,but excitedly...

upon opening it,i saw her standing there,dressed in ONLY a long-tailed striped shirt & panties.The shirt was opened down to the middle,so i could see a glimpse of her gorgeous & very ample cleavage.My eyes moved down her body as she stood there for a few seconds delay,as if to let me take it all in,before she leaned forward
& gave me a kiss on the cheek & a hug,welcoming me in.

As she walked in front of me towards the kitchen,i was checking out her legs.She has very shapely legs,silky smooth thighs,tapering down to perfectly formed calfs,then into a very sexy ankle,to two beautifully formed & well manicured feet.She had on one of those little ankle braclets,that just set her ankle off just nicely.

I LOVE a nice shapely pair of legs....my cock took a stir in my trousers as i continued towards the kitchen behind her.

"I'm sorry that i'm not fully dressed,but it's SO hot out there today,i just wanted to be free of my clothes"..she said as she reached up into the press for some glasses,giving me a little glimpse of her ass cheek as her shirt raised up with her arm.

"Here,let me do that honey"....as i reached over her to grab two glasses from the unit.It gave me a chance to rub up against her,& be able to smell her fantastic aroma,as her perfume filled my nostrils....GOD she smelled good!!..Her hair,flowing delicately over her shoulders,& down her back smelled wonderfully fresh of fruits of the forrest,& again,my cock stirred in it's cage of my pants...mmmmmmmmmmmmm....yes!!!..i thought!

Having got the glasses & some bowls for the snacks we moved into the sitting room of her tastefully decorated flat.The lights were set down low,& there was some soft music playing in the background,but not so loud as to stem the flow of conversation.

The fan was on full blast,& was blowing a nice breeze into the room."Take off your shoes & get comfy"...she said to me as she put a dvd into the machine,& proceeded to sit,legs curled on her sofa.

I sat in the middle of the sofa,almost beside her,sat back with my legs slightly ajar,as i munched on some of the snacks.Then,pouring her a glass of wine,i offered it to her with a smile.
"Thanks hon"..she said as she shifted her weight towards me,& cuddled up to my chest,& started munching away at the snacks too.

I turned my head towards her & closed my eyes again just for a second or two,taking in a deep breath through my nose.I could smell her sweet aroma,& it was making me horny.I had to try & fight the beast in my trousers,& stop it from popping up too soon."Down boy!"..i thought as i opened my eyes again.

The dvd was "Maid in Manhattan",the one with J-Lo,
which is a good movie for the ladies,& for the guys.J-lo looks amazing in it,& her ass is to die for!..I was pleasantly surprised by her choice,& settled down to watch it.

During the film,my friend would make a few shifts & turns on the sofa,apologising as she did,because she needed to get comfortable with her period pains.Every time she moved,i got another glimpse of her marvelous tits under that very flimsy shirt.I wondered if i was going to get to suck on them later,then my eyes returned to the movie,but the thought stuck in my head,& my cock began to stir yet again.

We were well into the movie now,& a part came up where J-Lo needs to try on some clothes.This is the part where you can see the full outline of her ass,& it always gets me hard looking at it.I Said to my friend..."mmmmmmm...Look at THAT ass..
..I'd love to just bite it!"

My friend just laughed,& said..."yeah..she has a really cute ass....I bet you'd love to fuck it?!"..to which i answered...."OH hell yes...what man would'nt?!!"

With that,my friend proceeded to jump up off the sofa,turned around & hitch up her skirt,& say..."Don't you think that i have a nice ass too?"

My eyes fixed on the curves of her hips,& here perfectly shaped thighs,as they both converged to form one highly delectable ass.It was rounded like a peach,& i could see the outline of her ass-crack through her little pink panties,that did'nt leave much to the imagination.

She knew that i had a thing about womens asses,so she continued to display hers to it's fullest effect,bending over slightly,& pushing her ass back at me,while looking over her shoulder,straight into me eyes,to see what reaction i would give to her.

The sight of her standing not three feet away from me,showing me her ass made me so hard in an instant,i just had to shift my trousers,to allow my cock to grow inside them.

"You know how much i love that ass of yours...it's my favorite part of you...along with your mouth,eyes & pussy!"...I continued.

With that,she stood up,smiled,& sat back down on the sofa beside me again,but this time,she was brushing up against me,& had one of her legs curl itself over my thigh.She began to play with hair on my chest as she whispered in my ear that she was feeling really randy,& wanted to cum so badly,but that we could'nt have full sex,because of her heavy period.

I looked up at her,& said..."i thought you just wanted to chill,or was that a ruse you sexy minx?"

"No hon...I want your cock...&...i want to cum..badly!!!..I'm SO HORNY!!!"....she said as she shifted herself to the floor in front of my opened legs & feet.

She opened my trousers at the waist & flies & pulled them off my legs,discarding them over the other chair in the room.Then she began to kiss up my legs & thighs,until she reached the crotch of my Tonga briefs.My cock was straining to be released from it's prison,but she proceeded to run her tonuge over the outside of my pants,along the curvature of my balls & shaft.

She nuzzled her nose in between my legs & breathed in my manly smell.I had just showered,so it was quite fresh & still smelled of the talc i had sprayed over my cock & balls earlier.Then running her tongue up my shaft again,she put two fingers down the side of my pants & lowered them to my ankles,before discarding of them in the same fashion as my trousers.

My balls are clean shaven,& smooth to the touch as she runs her hands over them & my cock,purring like a kitten,whose just about to have it's cream.
I watch her as she lowers her head towards my cock
keeping eye contact with me all the time.(She knows i like that too).

My eyes are fixated on her mouth as i see her extends her tongue over my balls
& up & down my shaft.

She kisses my shaft & lightly sucks on either side of it,tentively avoiding my cockhead for the moment.Her full lips,glaze ever so slightly over the back of my cock near the top,which sends shivers through me all over.I close my eyes for a second & moan out loud as the waves of pleasure wash over me.Flicking her tongue over & over,up & down,my cock,teasing me with it,as she continues to hold & squeeze gently on my balls as she goes.

Then,without prior warning,she sucks my cockhead deep into her mouth,& bobs her head up & down hard sucking me fully into her mouth for just a few seconds.I gasp out loudly again as i feel intense pleasure as she does this.I nearly jump off the sofa with the shock of it.It's SO intense,that she retreats just as quickly,so i can compose myself for her again.

Then she licks all around my knob,lashing it with her tongue,both fast & slow,making me moan out as she goes.She changes her rythmn,her angles,& the intensity of her strokes,to draw me near to cumming,but not quite all the way...which i especially love...lol..

Then after about 30 mins or so,she moves away,& goes to the closet in her room,leaving me gasping,& wanting for more.I'm slightly dazed,but i make out that she has a towel & a vibe in her hand as she comes back to the sofa.

Backing away from me,& postioning herself at the end of the sofa,she places the towel on the leather cushion,& proceeds to sit on it,& spreadeagle her legs,so i can see the front of her crotch.I can see that she has a pad covering her Vagina under her panties,as she begins to suck on here vibe while using her other hand to rub the outside of her pussy,along the side of her panties,& then in the middle of them across her clit & lips.

The sight of her doing this drove me mad,as i began to wank my hard cock again,while watching her intently."Do you like watching me play with myself then?"...she asked in a provocative way,smiling at me,as she continued to lick on her vibe.

"MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Yes!..I whispered....It excites me to see you wank yourself like that,especially when you have your periods,it's the kinkiest thing i've ever seen"!..
I whisper to her reassuringly.

I stroke my cock more as i sit back & enjoy the spectacle that is about to unfold in front of my eyes.

She continues to rub the vibe over her lips,then sucking it into her mouth as if it's a cock,deep-throating it as much as she can.Her fingers increase their pressure on her panties as she stimulates her clit & pussy lips through the panties & pad.GOD this is such a sexy sight! My cockhead jumps again as i watch.

After a while,her hand moves to the top of her panties,& her fingers disappear under the fabric of the flimsy material,& pad.She moans out loud,as it's made obvious that she has found her throbbing clit,& has just stroked it with her fingers.Her moans get louder,& her hand begins to move up & down under her panties to an almost frenzied capacity.

Her eyes fixed on mine,she beckons me to come closer & to help her in her quest to cum.I move closer to her & remove her shirt fully,discarding it like the rest of the clothes that evening.My eyes feast upon her magnificent tits & erect nipples,jutting out like fag-ends from her bosoms.

I cup both of them in my large,but soft,warm hands
squeezing them gently,as i know they are just as sensitive during this time of her period.MY thumbs glide over the nipples,making her gasp aloud again,just before her loudest moan yet rings out as i lock my lips around one of her nipples & sucks it hard into my warm mouth.

Holding BOTH of her tits together,i begin to lick & lap at her nipples in tandem,making her squeal out with pleasure,as she continues to finger fuck herself to orgasm.Her gasps get more frequent,her hips begin to rise & fall as her fingers are almost a blur now rubbing her clit vigorously,in between deep-throating the vibe like a cock,as if it's the last cock on Earth.This lady was definately horny...no doubt about it!!..lol....

Then,dropping the vibe on the sofa,it happened!
She began to writhe uncontrollably as her orgasm began to sweep over her.I squeezed her nipples as she began to moan out loud & proud that she was cumming.Her hips undulated,& her tits became covered in a crimson colour,her tummy muscles rippled as her orgasm took hold,& she panted & moaned some more..."Oh Yes!!!...I'm CUMMMMMMIIIINNNGGG.....!!!!!"...is all that she could say as wave after wave of intense pleasure swept itself over her body,until it finally subsided after what seemed like an age.

I thought that i was watching the movie The Exorcist,& her head was about to go into a spin!!..lol..

I held her in my arms as she lowered from her pinnacle,& her body began to return ot it's former state,but still VERY aroused.Her panting got shallower,as she then turned to kiss me fully on the lips.Her tongue darted into my mouth as she kissed me passionately.I LOVE to kiss,so i return it with even more intensity,& passion.

Holding her in my arms,kissing her,my cock began to get hard once more,touching the side of her leg as it grew in size.I could feel her hand moving lower down over my nipples,giving them a little pinch as she did,& then moving down further
over my belly to my cock once more.

She reached for the towel again,& placed it over my thighs,then straddled my legs,while looking into my eyes & asking me..."Did you enjoy that?..
Did you enjoy watching me play with myself,& cumming for you?"....to which i replied in a whisper..."Yes,i did....it was the horniest things i've ever seen!"Then i asked..."Can i see your pussy?....I'd liked to look at it....I find it so horny when a woman has her periods..I just LOVE the intense aroma of a woman during this time!"

Taking a couple of minutes to decide,she then proceeded to stand on the sofa,straddling my hips,
her pussy level with my eyes.She pulled her panties to one side & let me look at her very wet,
but not very bloody pussy."I'd only let you see this as my periods are almost over & theres not much blood left"..she said as she unveiled her beautiful wet pussy.

Straight away,i could smell the pungent aroma of her pussy,& it excited me so much,my cock grew ever so hard right away!I closed my eyes & inhaled her scent,bringing my nose close to her,but not touching her,respecting her wishes for me NOT to try & lick her,which i was finding VERY difficult indeed I have to tell you..lol

On opening my eyes again,i saw that she had began to stoke her pussy & clit again,so i wanked my cock in unison with her handmovements.My eyes fixed on her clit as she rubbed it hard & fast with her finger,then without warning,she got the vibe & stuck it up her pussy to the hilt.I was shocked by this as she had NEVER been so bold like this before.It made me horny as hell to watch her fuck herself like this,& my cock was beginning to twitch & throb nearing it's pinnacle of pleasure also.

I could hear her moans,as she wanked her clit to a frenzy again,moving her pussy VERY close to my face,as she did.I could almost taste her,& the smell was very intoxicating.I wanked my cock very fast now,gasping as i did.I spoke to her,asking her to cum in front of my face,& letting go her inhibitions.Her hand was going faster now,& the vibe was disappearing so far up her pussy,it was almost being swallowed up by it.

We continued like this for another couple of minutes,until she dropped the vibe on the towel,spread her legs closer to my face & began to cum right there & then.I could see her pussy SO close up now,i could see it ripple,& convulse inside,& some of her jucies running down her thighs as she came again & again.Her moans were just so intensely loud this time that i lost control myself,& proceeded to cum hard & lots,spraying my cum across the floor in front of the sofa.I nearly reached the other chair about 6/7 feet away,my cum was THAT intense.I wanked my cock furiously as i squeezed every last drop of my cum out of it,gasping as i did.

The sensations were so great,i shook with their intensity.My legs stiffened,my toes curled,& i almost lost my breath as i came so hard.It was THE sexiest scene i had witnessed in such a long time.
This lady was incredibly beautiful to me,& i was privaleged that she wanted me to be there,let alone give me a display like this.

AS we both calmed down,we cuddled up on the sofa for another while,holding each other,& kissing gently on the lips.By then the movie was almost over,the maid had got her man,& my lover had had alot of fun!

We went for a shower together,washed each other down,& dried each other off,before we retired to bed.We slept soundly that night,& in the morning,i was awakened by the feel of my friends mouth sucking on my cock once again.This time we had full sex with a condom,& it turned out to be a marathon session,before i had to leave to go to work again on the saturday.

What a rush!!!I still get hard thinking of it.I texted her later in the day,to thank her for a wonderful night,& she replied..."It was all MY pleasure..!!...you must cum again soon..lol

You know what????....that time just can't come soon enough for me!!..lol

Take care all,enjoy your weekend,have a safe one & keep smiling!



"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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8/6/2006 5:00 pm


daighi 49M
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8/9/2006 10:24 am

I take it you enjoyed that then??...lol..



"Always remember...keep smiling!"



daighi 49M
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8/9/2006 10:31 am

    Quoting blonde367:
    well u enjoyed ures anyway lol..
Hi Blonde,yes i can safely say i did...& so did she...which for me is more important.It does'nt happen that often,so when it does,i grab it with both hands,& make sure both of us enjoy it.

Is that so terrible of me.Maybe i should'nt have blogged about it.

How did your weekend go?I hope that it was eventful?I'm sorry if it was'nt.....i feel guilty now!...i should'nt be bragging about it should i?



"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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8/9/2006 7:45 pm

Thank you for sharing this delicious night with all of
us D... How wonderful it is that you have a friend that
you can enjoy so much and feel so free with!

Sending you love,
your devoted Goddess

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

buxomlady69 52F

8/10/2006 6:40 am

Wow one of the most erotic blog I have read, was mesmerised by it.

Carpe Diem..an unexamined life is not worth living

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