How French are!...Bastille Day?  

daighi 49M
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7/14/2006 4:39 am

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5/29/2008 12:47 pm

How French are!...Bastille Day?

Hi there,thanks for looking in.

Everywhere today i have heard alot of people talk about July 14th being Bastille Day.

I think that it's to celebrate the fall of the Bastille,to the Parisian people,& is commonly thought of as the start of the modern day French Republic.

Shortly after this day,King Louis XVI & his wife Marie Antoinette,fled to Versaille,to take refuge from the irate French Public.

Marie Antoinette,is most famously known for once saying of her subjects,"Let them eat cake!" Whether thats true or not is'nt really known.

Similar to the Irish St Patrick's Day,March 17th,the French hold parades all over the country,but the main one is held on the Champs Elysees.

So,to mark the occasion,I'd like to ask YOU.Do you celebrate Bastille Day where you are?

What do you most like about the French People,
French style,art,& most importantly,French

There are SO many things in this world,that are distinctly French,& aid to enhance our life every day.

Some of the words we use in everyday language,are of French origin,& of course,they are very well known for being a very passionate race of people.
Passionate about sport,life,food,& most importantly,passionate about LOVE!

Here are just some of the things,we can acredit as being distinctly French in their origin.....

The Crepe(pancake).

The Citreon car.

Champagne & fine wines.

Michelin & Nouvelle style cooking & dining.


Frogs legs(a delicacy mostly found in Brittany,i think).

The French Kiss.(i think we ALL know that one!)lol

The Beret.(a French type of hat)

French Knickers.(need i say more?

French Bowls.(I can't think of the name of the game,but it's very popular in parks & beaches)

Haute C'oture cooking.

Crouchette.(a form of sewing or needlework.I think it's spelled that way)

The Moulin Rouge.(Home to the most famous dance of all..The Can Can)

The Eiffel Tower.An exact replica was built & exists in Blackpool,England.

With French being known as "The language of Love",there are some fantastically SEXY songs that are gauranteed to make your blood pressure to rise,as well as one or two other things i can think

Je T'aime by Serge Gainsburgh & Jane Birkin,& Joe Le Taxi by Vanessa Paradi spring to mind.

Two songs to put a spark to the flames of passion.

To ALL of you celebrating Bastille day around the globe..Happy bastille day!..Have a good one!

To those of you who are NOT French,why not try to be French for a day.Give your lover a passionate,deep French kiss.If you meet a friend,
give them a French Greeting of a kiss on each cheek.Then go for a nice French style meal accompanied with a Delicious bottle of Bordeaux wine Or better still,good old Champagne!

Vive La France!!!..Mon Cherie!..Adieu! XX


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



free2chose2 66F

7/14/2006 5:36 am

Bonjour, j'ai habite dans Orleans-french quite rusty but lived there many eons ago------lovely people

Don't worry, be Happy

brunemignonne 52F
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7/15/2006 12:39 am

Hello Daighi.

Can I speak speak french? Yes? Thank you

Bravo pour ton texte...mes vieux souvenirs d'anglais m'ont permis de le comprendre.

Je ne crois pas que le French kiss soit typiquement français!!!!
Les français ne portent plus le béret...

Je te fais de gros bisous de France

daighi 49M
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7/15/2006 2:12 am

    Quoting brunemignonne:
    Hello Daighi.

    Can I speak speak french? Yes? Thank you

    Bravo pour ton texte...mes vieux souvenirs d'anglais m'ont permis de le comprendre.

    Je ne crois pas que le French kiss soit typiquement français!!!!
    Les français ne portent plus le béret...

    Je te fais de gros bisous de France
Bonsuir Brune,thank you for your visit & responce to my post.

I think that i MAY have the gist of it,but i'm afraid that I don't speak French,so i don't really know what it all means,

Could you be so kind as to translate what you have said into English?

I posted this thread yesterday,because i work as a taxi driver,here in Dublin.I picked up some French visiters to the city,& they spoke of Bastille Day.

I had been talking to douceamere over the last few days,& i thuoght that she would have liked the little tribute,as a friend.When i saw that there was a few more bloggers in her group/circle of friends,i decided to post a link in theirs too,including YOURS.

It is my attempt to make friends from all over.I like to meet people,chat,have a laugh,& some fun.

You seem to be a nice person,i can tell by that photo of you.You have a wonderful,warm smile.I also found your second photo to be very sensual,it is a view from the back.To me less is more,& it revealed alot more about YOU than it showed in the photo.

I hope that you decide to drop by again to say hello,& hopefully we can chat a bit.I'd like to get to know more about the fabric of your being,the person that is YOU!

Hugs,& double kiss!


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



douceamere 49M/48F

7/15/2006 4:26 am

Thank's for this post Daighi french people forget offen this day

You know I thing that the french kiss is available in the world now )) and frenchys don't wear the beret since a long long time

Kisses from Paris have a nice We


rm_calimero3535 46M
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7/15/2006 6:31 pm

Hello Daighi, thanks to your post about Bastille Day !
It is very interesting to know how the strangers see us, French people.
You are a dubliner. I love Ireland. I visited your country twice yet, and I hope I will come back next one. Above all, I love irish people. They are so kindly.

On July 14th, in France, the tradition is :
- feux d'artifice (fireworks),
- bals populaires (popular balls) where families dance with old or popular songs,
- les défilés militaires (military procession), the best known is the Champs Elysée one, in Paris

We celebrate the fall of Bastille. Bastille was a royal prison in Paris, that is hated by people. Bastille was the symbol of the royal power, king Louis 16 had all the powers, he was able to arrest all he wanted.

On July 14th, we celebrate the revolution against inequalities, injustices. It was the beginning of the republic, where all people are (more) equals.

Vive la France and Vive l'Irlande !

parisbluelaser 50M
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7/27/2006 2:02 pm

Hello Daighi,

Nice to hear about French culture from people abroad ! It's true that Ireland is a so lovely country very near in fact from France. And we have some similar roots, isn't it ?

In fact 14st July is more a symbol than something else. Ok, it was the end of a monarchy, fast replaced by something very similar. For a lot of people, it's now symbol of freedom, equality between human being and brotherhood: "Libert, galit, fraternit"... Did you hear or did read such words together ? It's an utopic picture but people is happy with it...

So, what are we doing this day ? Let me speak concerning my case: first of all, it's a free day, I mean a vacation day. So I wake up late. Then I open my windows and look at the sky. The sky ?... Yes, true, it's very important: I am living in Paris, Eiffel tower and Champs-Elysees are not so far away and I know that in few time military planes, helicopters, etc... will fly over my building for air procession ! Then I switch on my TV and start looking the military procession on ground under preparation. You know, Daighi, I am a guy and very often guys like everything concerning army, fighting, etc... Nobody's perfect, isn't it ?

So, now, I am ready for my breakfast. I take time, orange juice, scrambled eggs, toasts with butter, yaourt, porridge ? NO !... This kind of food is for... British, only !!! And that until noon... Nice time, quiet, remembering some souvenirs...

During the afternoon, I take my bike and ride in Paris: it's great, usually the streets are empty and it's easy to have a look to a lot of interesting things, interesting shop-windows for example. Call some friends and organize our evening meeting...

Evening meeting is very important ! As Calimero told you, there is some big and very beautiful fireworks in Paris. Frankly speaking, I don't know if this Calimero can see some special fireworks in his countryside, far away from civilization but he is living in Brittany, so, again, nobody's perfect...
In Paris we have many fireworks !... One of the best is the Eiffel Tower's one: more than great, crowded of people from everywhere (hundreds thousand of spectators). You can go there only on foot or by bicycle, no way else. But it's great show !...

That was my program for this day. I was with friends there... Next year, I hope that I will go again there, but this time with my girl-friend or my wife, I would like so much to kiss her during this firework... Why ?... Why not ?................

Nice kisses

And also, one day in future, I would like to come in Ireland because I am dreaming about your Country that I love so much (Hummm... I love also the Irish ladies !...). If you come in France, don't waste your time in Brittany !... Come directly to Paris and let me know, I will organize something nice for you !!! Kiss again...

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